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Additional Qualifications

Additional Qualifications (AQ)

Ongoing learning is an integral part of the teaching profession. Not only do students learn more effectively, but educators also report greater job satisfaction when they have more opportunities for professional development.

Taking the initiative to pursue Additional Qualifications (AQ) can help you reach your career goals as an Ontario Teacher, as well as create a culture of learning that supports fellow educators. Find out more about how our course offerings can benefit you, your students and your school community.

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Why choose our programs?

With over 100 AQ courses to choose from in nine different divisions and more than 30 subject areas, we are one of Ontario’s largest providers of professional development for teachers.

As a leader in teaching, learning and research, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is Canada’s largest and most prestigious graduate school of education. Continuing & Professional Learning courses, designed by educators for educators, draw on cutting-edge research and current best practices.

What you’ll learn

Our Additional Qualifications courses, approved by the Ontario College of Teachers, are informed by evidence-based practices that have made Canada a world leader in teaching and learning.

Whether you want to teach younger or older children, expand your subject knowledge, or advance to a school leadership position, AQ courses will help you adapt to a changing curriculum, incorporate current research and integrate technology to suit a variety of learners.

Many of our AQ courses allow you to work up to a Specialist or Honours Specialist designation, developing your capacity for curriculum leadership. Aspiring school principals can also learn to manage and plan programming efficiently in increasingly complex environments.

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