Additional Qualification

Technological Education

Technological Education

Technological Education courses are offered as Additional Basic Qualifications for those with the required background to bridge the gap between practical field work experience and effective classroom delivery.

Extend your teaching knowledge and skills in the design, program delivery and assessment of subject-specific grade 9/10 and 11/12 technology programs that address the development of adolescents, the school environment and other issues related to teaching and learning in secondary school technological education programs.

Candidates include teachers with some combination of education and prior experience in a related technology field.

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What You’ll Learn

Emphasis will be on curriculum design focused on developing activity-based projects that engage a variety of design and problem-solving processes.

Instructional strategies, including cooperative learning, problem-solving, classroom management for a safe classroom and evaluation of performance-based learning provide a focus for the development of learning modules and other instructional methods appropriate for board-based and integrated technology programs. 

Who Should Enroll in these Courses

These courses are designed for registered Ontario College of Teachers with specified divisional qualifications. Please carefully review the specific prerequisites for each course before registering.

Most Commonly Related Occupations

Ontario Teachers

Qualification Overview

Successful completion is a final grade of B-. Upon successful completion of the course, a recommendation will be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers.

Program Length

3 months



Class Size

Under 30 learners

Course Duration

125 Hours



Total Investment

$795 (HST Exempt)

Available Courses

The Technological Studies Honour Specialist course consists of three components as they relate to educational change and a broadened role for educational leaders within Technological Education. Supervision and Leadership examines organizational structures and styles of leadership; Curriculum Development examines innovations in curriculum delivery; and Assessment and Evaluation examines rubrics and portfolios as methods of assessing the process of learning. 

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