Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing

As one of the course requirements, candidates applying to or registered in a French, International Language or Mathematics Additional Qualification (AQ) courses may require a proficiency test before being permitted in the AQ course.

These tests are typically conducted through an online testing platform, and include components that assess comprehension and proficiency in languages, mathematics or other subject areas.  Please review information about the test formats and specific requirements for each proficiency test before registering.

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In order to pass the French Proficiency Test, you'll need to demonstrate that you have mastered the French language at a level high enough to teach students at any level of proficiency (from beginner to advanced level students).

 In addition, you must demonstrate proficiency in all skill areas in order to pass the test. It is not sufficient to do well only on one part of the test. The passing grade for each part of the proficiency test is 75%

To successfully pass the Math Proficiency test, you’ll need to demonstrate a proficiency equivalent to two full university degree credit courses in the subject. The passing grade for the proficiency test is 70% overall. 

Who Should Enroll for these Tests

Each test is designed to demonstrate proficiency in specific subject areas. Please review the specific requirements for the proficiency tests that relate to your program of study.

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Ontario Teachers

Proficiency Test Overview

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Total Investment

$90 Per Test (HST Exempt)

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