Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning

Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning

Are you leading a team within a continuing education unit, transitioning to the field of continuing education, or exploring the possibilities that continuing education might offer to your institution?

As you are aware, the post-secondary education sector has faced significant disruptions and challenges over the last decade. Institutions increasingly need to consider different revenue sources, more inclusive and barrier-free learning opportunities, and new and innovative teaching and learning models..

The Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning program orients education professionals like you to the field of continuing education today. It will help you to inform, articulate, advance, and develop continuing education learning solutions within post-secondary institutions that address the changing professional and learning needs of diverse learner populations. The program explores all operational aspects of a continuing education unit, from administration, talent acquisition, marketing and finance, to effective and inclusive teaching and learning innovations.

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What You’ll Learn

You will be able to articulate the value of lifelong learning and skills development related to the mission and purpose of a continuing education division. You will explore today’s modern continuing education learner, describe characteristics of effective continuing education learning environments and apply continuing education teaching and learning models

You will apply tools and resources to lead and contribute to the administrative responsibilities of a Continuing Education unit, including developing programs and learning solutions, defining the program implementation cycle, and determining administrative, financial and market development requirements and key activities. 

Who Should Enroll in this Program

This program has no formal prerequisites, but applicants should be working or interested in occupations that are relevant to continuing education.

Most Commonly Related Occupations

Individuals leading a Continuing Education division

Early-Mid Career Continuing Education Professionals

Professionals Considering Career Move to Continuing Education

Program Overview

The courses in this program can be taken individually to further your understanding within a specific subject area or you can complete all five (5) courses to earn a Certificate of Completion.

Program Length

12-24 months



Class Size

Under 30 Learners

Course Duration

Each Course is 7 Weeks


5-6 Hours per Week

Total Investment

$1098 per Course
(HST Exempt)

Upcoming Courses

Consider the various stages of the program planning process from an administrative lens, including identifying program and service gaps that are addressed in the development and redevelopment of learning solutions, acquiring talent, program development planning, implementation and oversight, as well as the application of program evaluation practices. Gain practical steps and mechanisms that provide a framework for program planning and execution in your continuing education context. 

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Examine the complex continuing education environment, its influences and impacts, and investigate not only how various learning environments develop, but how they impact the design and process of learning within a continuing education context. Come away with a better understanding of the administrative and educational structures that support and hinder adult learning.

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Investigate the process required to design and develop learning solutions within a continuing education context. You’ll be guided through an overview of the different learning solution types, their delivery modalities, and the administrative and operational conditions required to pursue successful solution design, development, implementation, and review. Learn new approaches for planning and developing learning solutions, both from a direct enrolment (in-house approach) and custom and contract perspective (partnership approach).

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Explore current global trends impacting today’s lifelong learners and examine how traditional and non-traditional learner needs are changing the shape of continuing education. We’ll emphasize the skills and competencies that lifelong learners are asked to acquire to meet the changing needs of workplace and professional environments — to respond to the “skills gap” often identified by employers, for example — and how these needs are addressed by continuing education programs and offerings.

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Explore the critical importance of a talent strategy to successfully establish and grow a continuing education division, including your processes for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, supporting, and offboarding talent. You’ll explore the Talent Lifecycle from the perspectives of continuing education needs, financing, information technology (IT) and operational systems, and marketing. Come away with practical tools and strategies for fostering and supporting talent development within your continuing education unit.  

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