Learning Solutions in Continuing Education

Investigate the process required to design and develop learning solutions within a continuing education context.

You'll be guided through an overview of the different learning solution types, their delivery modalities, and the administrative and operational conditions required to pursue successful solution design, development, implementation, and review. Learn new approaches for planning and developing learning solutions, both from a direct enrolment (in-house approach) and custom and contract perspective (partnership approach).

Course Requirements:

The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and highspeed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required.

Learning Objectives:
Learners who successfully complete the course will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Distinguish between various types of continuing education solutions (e.g., direct enrollment, closed enrolment, for credit, not-for-credit, custom contracts, etc.).
  • Explore the key components of a learning solution.
  • Identify approaches to developing learning solutions.
  • Articulate the opportunities and challenges in enabling learning solutions.

Applied towards the following Certificate of Completion:

Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning


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