Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning Certificate Program

May 10th, 2022  |  Announcements

Enrollment in Continuing Education programs is soaring and there’s a strong demand for higher education CE units to expand and improve. If you’re a higher education professional considering launching a unit, currently leading one, or planning a transition to the field, we have a program to help prepare you to effectively run a CE unit.

A unique program for education professionals focused on the field of  Continuing Education

Enrollment in Continuing Education (CE) programs has soared by 20 per cent in recent years, and there’s a pressing demand for higher education CE units to expand and improve. Recognizing this, OISE Continuing and Professional Learning (CPL) has developed a new five-course program called Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning.

The program is a first in Canada and aims to help professionals like you who are exploring launching a new CE unit at their institution, leading a team in a Continuing Education (CE) unit, or transitioning to the field of continuing education.

Apply what you learn from experienced Continuing Education facilitators

Continuing Education: Enabling Lifelong Learning is designed to equip you with a thoughtful foundation in practice, which prepares you to implement quality programming while also learning methods that can lead to innovation in CE work environments.

“This program helps professionals explore the elements of a successful Continuing Education unit. The focus is on applying effective ideas, tools, and solutions to the creation and administration of such a unit. But it’s not just the theory or the ideas, it’s about applying these ideas in practice.” – Dr. Gabriela Pawlus Kasprzak, curriculum development coordinator for OISE CPL, and designer of the program.

The Courses

The first course in the program is a seven-week online course called “Continuing Education: Meeting the Needs of the Professional Learner.” It runs asynchronously with some optional, synchronous components and will help define who a program’s learners might be, their needs and barriers, and how to address the skills and attributes adult learners need to meet their goals.

Other courses will address wide-ranging issues related to CE units, including:

  • Creating an innovative learning environment,
  • Developing Continuing Education solutions
  • Talent engagement strategies
  • Program implementation
  • Planning mechanisms (administrative, financial, systems and data)


Program Dates – First Course Registration Deadline is May 26, 2022. Sign up now!

The deadline to enrol in the first course, “Continuing Education: Meeting the Needs of the Professional Learner” is May 26. The course starts June 2, 2022. Learn more and register today!

Upgrade your skills and help your CE unit prosper.

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