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Orientation to Human Services

Orientation to Human Services

Designed for new or early career human services professionals who are seeking to continue to develop their knowledge, skills and professional network, this foundational course aims to provide a useful orientation to the field of Human Services.

Through experiential, collaborative, and reflective learning practices, you’ll develop a “Human Services practitioner mission statement”, and develop a self-care toolkit to manage ongoing stress and the risk of burnout within their workplace. 

You’ll create a plan to transfer and apply your learning from this course to your practice by developing a learning event that can be shared with colleagues within your organization.

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll explore the following fundamental components of Human Services through the contexts of Chronic Care, Crisis Services and Systems Planning.

Through collaborative online discussions and activities, you’ll analyze the practitioner’s role within this system, and develop a broader perspective on your understanding of the Client. You’ll explore the importance of preparing the environment and discuss a range of practitioner skills and approaches to client care.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to determine connections between learning and wellbeing to explore and apply elements of learning design to facilitate effective client care.

Who Should Enroll in this Course

This course has no formal prerequisites, but applicants should be working in occupations that are relevant to Human Services.

Most Commonly Related Occupations

Social Work

Child & Youth Counselling

Child & Youth Care

Elder & Vulnerable Person Care

Mental Health & Counselling

Psycho-social Support

Community Engagement & Development

Course Overview

Orientation to Human Services is a single 7-week course that serves as an introduction to the field of Human Services.

Program Length

2 months



Class Size

Under 30 Learners

Course Duration

7 weeks


3-6 hours per week

Total Investment

$895 (HST Exempt)

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