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Human Services

Human Services

Human Services is an interdisciplinary field of study that aims to improve quality of life for people and communities facing adversity. According to the United Nations, human development is a process of enlarging people’s choices—leading to healthier lives, increased education, and decent standards of living.

Our award-winning, accredited courses and programs are designed for those who teach, guide and educate across a range of organizations and contexts, including the care of children, elders and vulnerable people, mental health and counselling, social work, psycho-social support, and community development.

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Why choose our programs

Continuing and Professional Learning at OISE offers a flexible range of courses and intensive workshops, taught by leading Human Services practitioners and facilitators.

Our programs and certificates aim to equip you with the knowledge, confidence and networks you need to advance in your career. Professionals across all sectors of Human Services—health care workers, psychologists, counsellors and coaches, as well as leaders, facilitators and planners, will have access to evidence-based practices that are shaping how we serve communities today.

What You’ll Learn

Our Human Services programming is designed to help inspire policies, principles and measures that build resilience, reinforce choices, expand human agency, and promote social competence.

Practitioners will learn how to facilitate support mechanisms that remove the barriers that hold individuals and communities back in their freedom to advance and achieve.

Through bereavement education, cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused brief therapy programming, plus a variety of institutes and events, you will enhance and expand your knowledge base and skill set. You’ll build self-care strategies, as well as plan to share your learning with colleagues in the workplace.

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