OISE INCH (Innovation, Networking, and Creativity Hub) is a unique Saturday morning professional learning program and social exchange for middle year to high school educators. The morning includes innovative networking activities and engaging, interactive workshops facilitated by enthusiastic Ontario-based educators. 

During the event, you’ll actively participate in two hands-on workshops, where you’ll gain relevant, engaging and ready-to-use strategies, resources and teaching and learning activities. In exchange, you’ll simply share your own innovative “trade items” with your facilitators – which can be as simple as an inspirational quote, or a teaching and learning strategy or resource you’ve put into practice.

This program aims to bring together educators from across Toronto and the GTA, and to provide a space for innovative and creative learning, networking and the sharing of best practices.

OISE INCH intends to build the foundation of a community of practice for dynamic educators to join together to share their own knowledge, experience and expertise with other educators.

The program was designed by Katy Whitfield, a Toronto high school teacher and OISE MEd graduate (2014) in collaboration with OISE Continuing and Professional Learning.

Date: November 3, 2018

Workshop Schedule: 

8:45-9:00AM: Check-in and registration

9:00-9:20AM: Welcome and Networking Activities

9:20-9:25AM: Break

9:30-10:45AM: INCH WORKSHOP 1

Choose one of:

A1. Shifting practice and pedagogy to more innovative practice in the 21st century classroom
Facilitator: Katy Whitfield, Teacher, Toronto District School Board

A2. The Dramatic Classroom
Facilitator: Marcel Dragonieri, Teacher, Toronto District School Board

10:45-10:55AM: Break

11:00-12:15PM: INCH WORKSHOP 2

Choose one of:

B1. The Conscientious Classroom: Mindfulness and Anti-Oppression Strategies for positive classroom communities
Facilitator: Sara Faulkner, Teacher, York Region District School Board

B2. Meditation and Mindfulness in the Classroom
Facilitator: David Reibetanz, Teacher, Toronto District School Board 

12:15-12:45PM: Sharing, Wrap-up


Trading items for knowledge

Participants will be expected to bring one trade item per workshop = two in total (could be two of the same or different as they will be given to two different teacher-facilitators)

  • An item/object/piece of writing/lesson plan/game/activity/advice/piece of art that the facilitator could use to enhance the innovation, networking and collaborative work that they do in their teaching practice. Accompanying this item is a brief explanation as to which of the areas (innovation/networking and/or collaboration) it connects to and how.
  • A beach ball that could be used in collaborative team-building activities that is covered with get-to-know you questions on it and a short list of instructions as to how it could be used as a classroom game.
  • A favourite lesson plan that demonstrates student thinking in innovative ways-in the format of choice of the teacher participant.
  • A drawing, photograph, quotation written in calligraphy or cool writing, etc. that represents one of the areas with an explanation as to how this could be a starting point for collaborative inquiry in a classroom.
  • A top 10 list of books/resources that would help a teacher to best support 21st century learners made up on a bookmark.
  • A piece of poetry or spoken word, original or found that could be used as a mind’s on activity in a classroom.


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