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Pre K-12

As a world leader in educational reform, Canada has much to be proud of—our primary and secondary students consistently perform well, regardless of socioeconomic standing, mother tongue or newcomer status.

Our continued success depends on our ability to meet the needs of all students and teachers, develop exceptional school leadership practices, and champion educational technology as a source of opportunity. We offer continuing education and professional development for teachers at the top centre for education research in the country. 

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Why choose our programs?

Drawing on leading-edge research and evidence-based practices from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), our Continuing & Professional Learning courses focus on practical strategies and innovative approaches to teaching and learning from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Guided by leading practitioners and facilitators, you’ll join a vibrant professional learning community and share a wealth of perspectives, ideas and resources. At Canada’s top institution for the study of teaching and learning, you’ll have access to a robust range of options for professional development throughout your entire career.

What you’ll learn

Whether you teach the youngest learners or the university-bound, you’ll advance your skills, build confidence, and become qualified to teach in new divisions and cultural milieus.

You’ll create and implement strategies to enhance teaching and learning across ages and stages, drive systems transformation toward equity and social justice, and integrate educational technology as a core component of the learning ecosystem.

As an institution with a global outlook, Continuing & Professional Learning at OISE welcomes educators from around the world to see Canadian teaching and learning in practice, and inspires Canadian teachers to provide an education fit for a globalized world.

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