Mathematics (Primary & Junior) Part 2

Mathematics (Primary/Junior) Part 2 builds on Part I by offering an opportunity to undertake a classroom-centered action research project in mathematics.

Engage in a variety of modules, discussions, and learning activities in line with the 2020 Mathematics curriculum. An emphasis on the strands of Social-Emotional Learning, Mathematical Processes, and Financial Literacy will equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to support your students on their learning journeys. During the course, you'll have the opportunity to explore research techniques: completing a literature review, setting the problem, designing and implementing the methodology, gathering data, writing, then presenting the research. Collaboratively, you'll learn from the experience of others while studying current and effective learning strategies that improve students' mindsets and abilities in mathematics.


Prerequisites for Part 2:

  1. Completion of Part 1 or the equivalent:
    A current Ontario College of Teachers' Certificate of Qualification showing successful completion of Part 1 or the equivalent of the three-session qualification. 

  2. Certificate of Teaching Experience – 1 Year:
    Evidence of at least one (1) year of successful teaching experience certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer or proof of at least one (1) year of successful teaching experience outside Ontario certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer on the OISE Certificate of Teaching Experience Form.

Please Note:

Any exceptions and additional requirements are noted below.

  • We do not have the authority to determine whether or not candidates meet the teaching experience prerequisite for Part 2 and Part 3 AQs. We are responsible only for collecting the Certificate of Teaching Experience once it has been signed by the appropriate authority. Please direct all inquiries regarding teaching experience to your employer.


Successful completion is a final grade of C-

Upon successful completion of the course, a recommendation will be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers.


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