French Proficiency Test

Who Writes the Test?

Ontario Certified Teachers intending to take French as a Second Language courses including:

  • FSL Part 1 Additional Qualification


Current OISE students who meet the following criteria:

  • Primary/Junior Teacher candidates studying in the Master of Teaching or Master of Arts, Child Study and Education who intend to take the FSL Part 1 Additional Qualification
  • Conditionally accepted Master of Teaching candidates with French as a Second Language teaching subject (i.e. your offer of admission is conditional upon satisfactory completion of the OISE Proficiency Test in French)

Test Format

The proficiency test consists of 3 parts:

Part A & B will be completed through the online testing platform.  Participants will be emailed a link between the registration deadline and test open date with instructions for accessing the testing platform. At the beginning of the test, candidates are required to input personal information in order to proceed with the test.  The information required is listed below:

  • Candidates' registered email address.  This will be used as the access token to the test.
  • Candidates' first name
  • Candidates' last name
  • Candidates' OCT number (or OISE student number, if MT candidate)
  • Academic honesty declaration

Part A - Comprehension

Time: 3.5 hours combined for Part A & B

Part A will be completed through the online testing platform.  The French proficiency comprehension test consists of oral and reading comprehension.  You will be asked to watch a Youtube video and answer questions, you may view the video multiple times during the test.  You will also be asked to read an article and answer questions. 

Part B - Written Test

Part B consists of two types of questions, writing incomplete text and essay production. 

Part C - Oral Communication

Time: typically 30 minutes, but may vary 

Part C will be completed via Skype call with an OISE facilitator, after Parts A & B have been marked.  Participants will be notified to schedule this call.

Test Evaluation

You will pass the proficiency test if you can demonstrate that you have mastered the French language at a level high enough to teach students at any level of proficiency (from beginner to advanced level students).

In addition, you must demonstrate proficiency in all skill areas in order to pass the test. It is not sufficient to do well only on one part of the test. The passing grade for each part of the proficiency test is 75%.

The criterion for evaluation is as follows:

  • linguistic competence: mastery of grammar, vocabulary, agreements, spelling, syntax, pronunciation
  • fluency
  • sociolinguistic competence: appropriate usage of language in different social contexts
  • style: coherence and cohesion of language and ideas as well as the ability to convey one's message
  • appropriateness of ideas

Communication of Results

Test results will be sent by email as soon as possible once the tests are graded.

What are my options if I do not pass the proficiency test?

If you do not pass the proficiency test you may register and take another test in the next testing period.

How to Prepare

If you have not taken courses recently in the target language or do not have the opportunity to use the target language on a regular basis, you might want to consider preparing for the proficiency test by:

1. Immersing yourself as much as possible in the target language by:

  • watching television
  • listening to the radio
  • reading books, magazines and newspapers
  • engaging in conversation with native speakers
  • completing practical writing tasks

2. Reviewing important aspects of the language including:

  • the tense system
  • idiomatic expressions
  • appropriate social and cultural conventions
  • devises for cohesion and coherence

3. Prepare for a passage by taking a newspaper article and deleting every 6th, 7th or 8th word, (such as articles/determinants, prepositions, verbs, adjectives, pronoms relatifs) and then testing yourself by filling in the blanks.

Accommodation for Documented Disability

If you have any special needs that require special accommodation please email


Successful completion of this test is valid for 3 years from the date you took the test. 

The French proficiency test runs 4 times per calendar year, approximately one month prior to the registration deadline for the upcoming session (i.e. August, December, March, June).









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French Proficiency Test

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2021 Summer



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08 Jun 2021 to 21 Jun 2021

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June 7, 2021 at 11:59 am

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