Computer Studies - Senior

Computer Studies Senior is all about creating and problem solving and explores Computer Science pedagogy including best practices in teaching and learning in grades 11 and 12.

This course represents an exciting opportunity for teachers to expand their ability to jointly explore the principles of decomposition, pattern recognition, abstractions, and algorithms. Ontario Ministry documents and curriculum will be explored to develop student-centric activities so students are able to explore their passion for computing. Strategies will be developed to create a Computer Science classroom into a place where students are makers and creators and not simply consumers of technology. The course explores computing systems fundamentals, computing innovations, and important societal issues such as data privacy, environmental issues, and computing ethics.


  1. Certificate of Qualification: Must be a registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers.
  2. Post-Secondary Education:

    Must hold an acceptable post-secondary degree or equivalent qualifications.

  3. 2 Full University Degree Credits in the Subject: Official transcript(s) showing proof of successful completion of 2.0 university degree credits in Computer Studies;


    1 Full University Degree Credit in the Subject and 2 Years Full Time Related Work Experience: Official transcript(s) showing proof of successful completion of 1.0 university degree credits in Computer Studies and a completed Related Work Experience form.


    1 Full University Degree Credit in the Subject and successful completion of the Pre-Admission Test in Computer Science: Official transcript(s) showing proof of successful completion of 1.0 university degree credits in Computer Studies and successful completion of the Computer Studies proficiency test at OISE (valid for 3 years from test date).
  4. Must be able to code Java or Python


1.0 university degree credits is the equivalent to 1 full year course, or, 2 half-year courses.


Successful completion is a final grade of C-

Upon successful completion of the course, a recommendation will be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers.










Full Course Details

Section Title:

Computer Studies - Senior

Enrolment Session:

2024 Summer



Total Hours:



04 Jul 2024 to 25 Jul 2024

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Section Note(s):

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: June 25, 2024, 11:59pm EST. If the "Add to Cart" button is still available, late registration is possible for this course.

This session will run intensively for 3 weeks. Your learning will take the form of in-depth online discussions as well as group and individual assignments.

Learners will be expected to engage in approximately 42 hours of learning per week for a total of 125 hours. Please ensure you consider your other personal/professional obligations when planning for Summer learning.

  • 100 hours online learning (asynchronous, but facilitator-led and paced into modules)
  • 25 hours assignments and independent study


  • Once registered, please visit the Learner Portal to submit your course application and any related documents by the registration deadline (we recommend doing so from a computer for the best user experience)
  • Requests for withdrawal received by the registration deadline will receive a refund. Requests made after this date will require further review. You can find our withdrawal, refund and transfer policy under Resources » OISE CPL Registration Policies

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