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In a rapidly changing society, a learning mindset is the way forward. Those who teach, guide and educate are needed more than ever - to engage and empower others to create environments where learning thrives.

As the continuing and professional learning division of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto – Canada’s leading centre for graduate studies in education – we offer a wide range of courses, programs and workshops, taught by leaders in their fields. 

Explore all we have to offer – and find out how to transform your career, be an agent of change, and make a real difference in the world. 

Our Programs

Reach your career and organization goals with our certificates, courses and workshops.
Internationally Educated Teacher PracticumA 20-day orientation to schools for registered teacher candidates.
First Nations Schools Principals' CourseLeadership skills for principals and vice-principals working in Band-operated schools.
OISE Certificate in International Education for IBThe OISE Certificate in International Education will qualify you for the IB Diploma Programme.
Programming for Environmental EducationA three-course series to develop teaching, learning and leadership skills.
Programming for Young ChildrenProfessional development for early childhood educators working in Kindergarten classes.
OISE TEFL CertificationBecome qualified to teach English abroad with our online self-paced certificate.
Teaching in Ontario's Catholic SchoolsA prerequisite course for teacher candidates applying to Catholic school boards.
ABQ - Primary & JuniorQualify to teach at the Primary (Grades 1-3) or Junior (Grades 4-6) level.
ABQ - IntermediateExpand your knowledge base with a new teachable subject for Grades 7 to 10.
ABQ - SeniorDevelop meaningful and engaging subject-based curriculum for Grades 11 and 12.
One-Session Additional QualificationsComplementary Education qualifications for qualified Ontario teachers.
Three-Session Additional QualificationsBuild up to Specialist skills, knowledge and leadership within a discipline or division.
Honour SpecialistCurriculum leadership for teachers with a strong knowledge base in a specific subject.
Principal's Qualification ProgramA two-part leadership and management course for aspiring school principals.
Technological EducationBridge the gap between practical field work experience and classroom delivery.
Proficiency TestingA prerequisite for AQ courses in French, Mathematics or International Language.
Serving Students in Higher EducationA three-course program for new and aspiring post-secondary professionals.
Adult Learning and DevelopmentResearch-informed, impactful learning solutions for today’s diverse workplace.
Brief CoachingEffective coaching strategies for advancing the capability of teams and leaders.
Learning Experience DesignStay ahead of the curve with digital learning design that engages and inspires.
Orientation to Human ServicesFoundational skills for new and early career Human Services professionals.
Bereavement EducationRecently evolved to the Grief Education program.
Grief EducationCreating inclusive spaces and learning environments for grief support for a diversity of responses to loss.
Cognitive Behaviour TherapyCurrent theory and effective interventions of the most widely practiced form of therapy.
Motivational InterviewingAn empirically supported approach for helping clients enact behavioural change.
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy & CounsellingBuilding effective strength-based solutions to client problems with positive psychology.
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Our Customized

Our custom programs and services are designed with your organization’s needs and context in mind, to help you achieve the goals you've identified.

Leveraging over a century of innovation and advancement in education, human development and professional practice at OISE, our custom programs and services draw on extensive research and best practices to create tailored professional learning solutions all over the world.

We’d be delighted to show you how we can help you meet your objectives.

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At OISE CPL, we believe learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom. In sharing knowledge, engaging learners and motivating change, we are all educators.

We develop and deliver professional development programming for educators across Canada and around the world. With a roster of leading practitioners as facilitators, we harness current knowledge and best practices in our always-evolving slate of courses, programs and workshops.

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“The eLearning experience so far has been enriching, even with the absence of physical interaction with the instructor and fellow learning practitioners.”

C. Suiza

Adult Learning & Development

“The CPL team is really committed to helping students succeed and supporting them on their career path, and that shows in how they choose their instructors and structure their courses.”

A. Wright

Kindergarten, Special Education and Teacher Librarian Part 1

“OISE's AQ programs go beyond professional development, but rather offer a space for meaningful professional growth through inquiry and reflection.”

J. Marinucci

Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 and Social Sciences General - Senior

“When I first started this class, I was not confident about my abilities as an art teacher. Now, I feel as though I can teach and assess art in ways that will benefit the students.”

Anonymous Learner

Visual Arts 1

“I now have the confidence and competence to apply my educator skills in transferable contexts, allowing me to practice my craft as an education professional with diverse learning audiences.”

A. Ashbourne

Adult Learning & Development

“I have been taking a lot of online classes in the last few years, and I found yours notably different in a positive way. I am very glad to have been in your course.”

K. Bolin

OISE Certificate in International Education for IB (DP)

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