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Explore the conditions required to support student experience, well-being, and effective opportunities for teaching and learning within the post-secondary context, in this seven-week, 100% online course. You will gain an understanding of student-centered teaching and learning practices, as well as the conditions for fostering effective teaching and learning environments. You will then determine criteria for evidence of these practices within your institution through the practice of a learning walk. Using inquiry and a self- reflective lens, you will collaborate with peers to explore evidence-based instructional strategies, which you will apply to the design of a learning program that contributes to creating effective and supportive conditions for teaching and learning at your institution. This course also examines the correlation between student well-being and optimal conditions for learning, along with the exploration of potential barriers to maintaining effective teaching and learning environments within post-secondary institutions. You will determine the processes and interconnections of post-secondary professional roles within your institution, in collaboratively supporting and enabling students, creating effective and impactful teaching and learning opportunities, and overcoming barriers to student success.

Key topics:

  • Student-Centered Teaching & Learning
  • Conditions for Effective Teaching & Learning Environments
  • Student Well-Being & Learning
  • The Collaborative Effort to Create Conditions for Effective Teaching & Learning

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Evaluate diverse components of the post-secondary campus environment to determine evidence of student-centered teaching and learning strategies and supports.
  • Describe conditions for effective teaching and learning environments, including the readiness of students, requisite skills and competencies of instructors, and readiness of the environment.
  • Apply appropriate instructional strategies to design a learning program that contributes to creating conditions for effective post-secondary teaching and learning.
  • Distinguish the interconnection of roles and processes to creating effective and supportive teaching and learning opportunities within the post-secondary institution.
  • Analyze potential barriers to effective teaching and learning within the post-secondary landscape to determine opportunities for collaborative intervention efforts from the various actors within the post-secondary environment.

Course Outline

Download the course outline in PDF format for additional details including learning outcomes and module descriptions.


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Post-Secondary Teaching & Learning: Instructional Strategies and Engagement Trends and Issues
Mar 10, 2021 to Apr 20, 2021
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