Continuing & Professional Learning at OISE welcomes more than 6,000 professional learners every year. We’re delighted you’re joining us.

We invite you to read over the following policies and forms thoroughly before registering. It is your responsibility as a learner to familiarize yourself with the faculty’s rules, regulations, admission requirements and deadlines, and comply with them.

Forms and Resources

CPL learners may be required to provide additional documentation or proof of relevant experience before enrolling in certain professional learning or Additional Qualification (AQ) courses.

Please submit all forms electronically with your application.

Policies & Guidelines

Please review CPL guidelines on registration, attendance, and other matters related to your course of study here. The University of Toronto’s Privacy Policy as well as its Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters contain important information on your rights and responsibilities as a learner and member of the university community.

Record of Learning

We know it's important to mark your achievements. You can do so by requesting any of the below documents through the Learner Portal or directly from OISE CPL.

Course Grades & Confirmation of Completion

Final grades are available within 2 weeks of the course completion on your Learner Portal under “My Enrollment History”. Select the Print icon beside your completed courses and choose between a Confirmation of Completion report or a Statement of Grades Report.

Digital Record of Learning

For a digital copy of your official record, please email (OCT members, please include your OCT membership number) indicating the address you would like your record sent. Please note: Courses completed in Fall 2016 or prior will not appear on the record of learning, please contact (fees may apply).

Physical Record of Learning

Due to COVID-19, at this time, official records in a sealed envelope are temporarily unavailable.

Recognition of Achievement or Certificate of Completion Re-Print

For eligible Continuing & Professional Learning Programs only. Please contact to confirm your eligibility and request a digital copy of your record. Due to COVID-19, at this time, we are not able to issue physical copies of the Recognition of Achievement or Certificate of Completion.

T2202A Tax Forms

T2202A tax forms, for eligible courses completed in 2017-2020 are available on your Learner Portal under “Tax Receipts”. For 2016 tax years and earlier, your record is accessible for 7 years through Please contact if you need support logging in. If you need access to a T2202A form from more than 7 years ago, please contact

OISE CPL Registration Policies

To ensure successful application, registration and course completion, learners are strongly advised to read the admission requirements and procedures, as well as the registration policies below.

We accept registration and payment online by credit card. For more information about our course offerings, or to register for a course, please consult the “Program Areas” tab. To register for a course, while on the course page, select the section of the course you wish to register for, or join the waitlist. You will be prompted to log into the Learner Portal. Use the Forgot Username and Forgot Password functions if necessary. The Forgot Password reset link expires after 30 minutes, please use the forgot password function again if this occurs.

A welcome message from your facilitator will be sent to you by email, about 3 days before the beginning of the course.

Attendance in every OISE Continuing and Professional Learning course is mandatory.  If you miss more than 10% of a course, you will have missed too much of the course to be able to make up the material.  If an emergency arises that affects your attendance of the program, please inform the facilitator as soon as possible.

“Accommodation” refers to any service, equipment, or special arrangement that is put in place to support learners with a documented disability that affects their ability to function in an academic or practicum setting.  Although you may not foresee an immediate need for accommodation, your needs may change throughout your learning.  Please contact OISE Continuing and Professional Learning at the time of registration or as soon as possible at with your accommodation request.

Honesty and fairness are considered fundamental values shared by learners, staff and facilitators at the University of Toronto.  The University’s policies and procedures that deal with cases of cheating and plagiarism are designed to protect the integrity of the institution.  The Code of Behaviour and Academic Matters outlines the policies.

Date of Receipt of Withdrawal Notice Refund or Transfer
Before registration deadline: 100% refund of course fee or Session/Section Transfer
After registration deadline:

Instructional-Based Learning

Refund and Transfer requests will be assessed on a case by case basis. Supporting documentation may be required.


Before the 14th calendar day of the session: Full refund issued, less $300 administrative fee.

After the 14th calendar day of the session: No refund will be issued.

Send all withdrawal, refund and transfer requests to

Learners may only transfer to course sections where space is available and open for registration.  If there is a difference in course fees, the outstanding balances must be paid to complete the transfer.  If a refund is owed to you due to a withdrawal or transfer, you will be refunded the difference back to the credit card you used to pay online.

In the event that the course you have selected is full, you may be able to place your name on a wait list.  Wait lists are not available for every course.  If a wait list is available, you will see it on the course webpage.

All courses are subject to sufficient registration. OISE Continuing and Professional Learning reserves the right to cancel or combine individual courses if minimum registration is not achieved. A full refund will be issued in the event of a cancellation.

University of Toronto classrooms – Cancellation of class due to inclement weather will be announced officially by the University of Toronto; the U of T snow information line is 416-978-SNOW (7669).

Off Site classrooms – Learners will be notified by email of the cancellation from their facilitators.

Some OISE Continuing and Professional courses are governed by external regulatory bodies (e.g. the Ontario College of Teachers Act, Ontario Regulation 184/97) and as such, admission requirements for courses cannot be altered or waived.

Learners are responsible for the following:

  1. Knowing the rules, regulations, admission requirements and deadlines established by OISE Continuing and Professional Learning and for complying with them.
  1. Learners who attend or complete a course for which they do not have the required prerequisite(s) and for which they have not been approved by OISE Continuing & Professional Learning do so at their own risk.
  1. Ensuring that they are enrolled in appropriate course(s) required to satisfy conditions, if any, set by external regulatory bodies (e.g. the Ontario College of Teachers Act, Ontario Regulation 184/97)
  1. Checking the OISE Continuing and Professional Learning registration system for information on the status of their application (if applicable) and for keeping their current contact information up-to-date.
  1. Paying the required course tuition fees and any outstanding obligations, (e.g., material fees).