OISE Continuing and Professional Learning hosts a variety of institutes, workshops and events of interest to professionals across all sectors of education. Upcoming events will be listed here as they come available.


CEW11 - Connected Educators Webinar: Leading and Learning with Integrative Thinking
CEW12 - Connected Educators Webinar-The 3 R's: How to Recognize, Respond and Refer Students Experiencing Mental Health Issues on Campus
CEW16 - Connected Educators Webinar - Coaching: Transforming Conversations in Our School Communities
CEW18 - How to Strengthen Students' Self-Efficacy Using an Integrative Coaching Based Approach to Academic Skill Development
CEW20 - Connected Educators Webinar: The Impacts and Benefits of Individualized Tutoring
CEW7 - Connected Educators Webinar: Enhancing Brief Helping Conversations in Schools: Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Strategies
CPLE-HS-SFHC - Solution-Focused Helping Conversations: Building Better Conversations Using Strengths & Solutions
WLD-CEW1 - Connected Educators Webinar: Coaching in the Workplace - A Solution-Focused Approach
WLD-CEW10 - Connected Educators Webinar: Anatomy of the 21st Century Educator-An Open Online Framework for Ontario's Post-Secondary Educators
WLD-CEW2 - Connected Educators Webinar: Learning Experience Design - Dimensions, Trends & Implications
WLD-CEW3 - Connected Educators Webinar: Strategic Social Innovation
WLD-CEW4 - Connected Educators Webinar: Unlocking Online Learning
WLD-CEW5 - Connected Educators Webinar: The Modern Online Learner
WLD-CEW7 - Connected Educators Webinar: The Gig Economy and the rise of the Education Consultant
WLD-CEW8 - Connected Educators Webinar Series: Unlocking Online Learning Series: Content Curation for Online Learning Environments
WLD-CEW9 - Connected Educators Webinar: LinkedIn and Lynda.com:  Closing the Skills Gap and Online Learning