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TEFL Online Certification

The TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Online course designed by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), at the University of Toronto, provides premier instruction for second language acquisition. The TEFL Online course covers the foundations in TEFL training. The curriculum progresses from the underlying theories of language learning, to the creation of student-centered lessons, and culminates in what teachers need to know in order to teach abroad.

TEFL Online: The University of Toronto and Teach Away

TeachAway ImageOISE | Continuing & Professional Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, at the University of Toronto, is a leader in educational research and teacher training programs, notably foreign language instruction. The OISE faculty is a world-renowned and respected group of policymakers and school specialists, and the instructors who have come together for the TEFL Online certification are highly respected in their field. OISE issues certificates of professional learning to thousands annually, including hundreds studying the teaching of English to non-English speakers.

Teach Away is the world’s leading international teacher recruitment agency. Established in 2003, Teach Away’s team of experienced recruitment experts have successfully placed thousands of teachers with some of the largest and most prestigious educational institutions worldwide. OISE has worked closely with Teach Away while developing the TEFL Online certification, resulting in a course that covers the fundamentals of TEFL instruction and the means to translate that into a rewarding teaching job overseas.

The pairing of these two organizations represents a relationship between two leaders in their respective fields. 

The TEFL Online Certificate

Upon graduation, teachers will receive a certificate of completion issued by OISE at the University of Toronto.

100-hour TEFL curriculum

The 100-hour TEFL course is comprised of six core units, as follows:

Unit 1: Introduction to English Language Teaching (10 hours)

Unit 2: Teaching Language Skills (25 hours)

Unit 3: Adapting Subject-Specific Content (10 hours)

Unit 4: Structuring and Delivering Lessons (20 hours)

Unit 5: Managing Your Teaching Environment (25 hours)

Unit 6: Resources and Materials (10 hours)

120- and 150-hour TEFL curriculum

In addition to the six core units above, candidates in the 120- and 150-hour TEFL courses are required to complete two elective specializations of 10-hours each from the list below:

  • Teaching English to Korean Speakers
  • Teaching English to Arabic Speakers
  • Teaching English to Mandarin Speakers
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Test Preparation Courses
  • Teaching Business English
  • Digital Technology in the Classroom*
  • Learner-Centred Lessons*
  • Teaching Abroad*

*Mandatory for 150-hour TEFL certificate

The Benefits of TEFL Online

A TEFL certification is what international institutions are looking for teacher to have, because it delivers the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a foreign language environment. With a TEFL Online certification, you will:

  • Stand out in international teaching job applications: The University of Toronto is a world-class university, and TEFL Online delivers instruction that is internationally recognized for its quality.
  • Earn your TEFL qualification at your own pace: TEFL Online is 100% online and self-paced. As there are no live or scheduled components to the course, registrants are free to choose their own study schedule and complete the course at their own pace.
  • Qualify for teaching jobs abroad: TEFL Online is offered in conjunction with Teach Away. Teach Away offers a range of job opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers at leading international schools globally.


For more information about the program, including enrolment, Contact Teach Away directly.

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