A Religious Education Course for OISE Teacher Education Candidates

The course is open to OISE Teacher Education Candidates only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take this course in order to teach in Catholic Schools?
Yes. This course is only for teacher candidates and is offered in Faculties of Education during the academic year. Catholic School Boards require this course as a pre-requisite for a job interview and as a condition of employment.

Do I have to be a Catholic to be hired by a Catholic School Board?
Yes. It is the policy of Catholic School Boards to only hire Catholic teachers at the present time.

Do I require a pastoral reference to teach in a Catholic School?
Yes. Most of the Catholic Boards in Ontario will require a reference from your parish priest as part of the application process. You will only need the pastoral reference when applying to a Catholic School not for this course.

How will completion of this course be documented?
Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of professional learning and a final grade. The course will not appear on your official transcript.

Is this course the same as the Religious Education Part 1 Additional Qualification Course?
No. This course is required for hiring purposes by the Catholic School Boards. Most boards require teachers to take the Religious Education Part 1 Additional Qualification Course during the first two years of teaching.

When will the course be held?
The course will be offered in the academic year.  Every effort will be made so that the course dates will be accessible to all of our teacher education candidates.