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Three-Session Additional Qualification Courses – Schedule D

Three-Session Additional Qualification (AQ) programs (Schedule D) are offered as Part I, Part II and Specialist courses. Additional Qualifications are designed to help educators adapt to changing curriculum, incorporate current research and integrate technology into daily teaching practices to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

Part I courses develop the skills and knowledge needed by teachers to design, deliver and assess programs within a particular discipline or division.

Part II expands upon the skills and knowledge developed in Part 1.

Specialist courses extend and reinforces the knowledge and skills from Part I and Part II with a specific focus on the development of leadership skills within the discipline or division.

Candidates include Ontario Certified Teachers.



PK12-COOP1 - Co-Operative Education Part 1
PK12-COOP2 - Co-Operative Education Part 2
PK12-COOPSP - Co-Operative Education Specialist
PK12-DA2 - Dramatic Arts Part 2
PK12-DASP - Dramatic Arts Specialist
PK12-ESL1 - Teaching English Language Learners Part 1
PK12-ESL1E - Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 (Elementary Focus)
PK12-ESL1S - Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 (Secondary Focus)
PK12-ESL2 - Teaching English Language Learners Part 2
PK12-ESLSP - Teaching English Language Learners Specialist
PK12-ESS1 - Environmental Education Part 1
PK12-ESS2 - Environmental Education Part 2
PK12-ESSSP - Environmental Education Specialist
PK12-FSL1 - French as a Second Language Part 1
PK12-FSL2 - French as a Second Language Part 2
PK12-FSLSP - French as a Second Language Specialist
PK12-GCE1 - Guidance and Career Education Part 1
PK12-GCE2 - Guidance and Career Education Part 2
PK12-GCESP - Guidance and Career Education Specialist
PK12-HPESPIS - Health and Physical Education (Intermediate & Senior) Specialist
PK12-ICT1 - Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction Part 1
PK12-KRT1 - Kindergarten Part 1
PK12-KRT2 - Kindergarten Part 2
PK12-KRTSP - Kindergarten Specialist
PK12-LIB1 - Teacher Librarian Part 1
PK12-LIB2 - Teacher Librarian Part 2
PK12-LIBSP - Teacher Librarian Specialist
PK12-MATH1PJ - Mathematics (Primary & Junior) Part 1
PK12-MATH2PJ - Mathematics (Primary & Junior) Part 2
PK12-MATHSPPJ - Mathematics (Primary & Junior) Specialist
PK12-MV1PJ - Music - Vocal (Primary & Junior) Part 1
PK12-MV2PJ - Music - Vocal (Primary & Junior) Part 2
PK12-MVSPPJ - Music - Vocal (Primary & Junior) Specialist
PK12-READ1 - Reading Part 1
PK12-READ2 - Reading Part 2
PK12-READSP - Reading Specialist
PK12-SPEC1 - Special Education Part 1
PK12-SPEC1E - Special Education Part 1 (Elementary Focus)
PK12-SPEC1S - Special Education Part 1 (Secondary Focus)
PK12-SPEC2 - Special Education Part 2
PK12-SPECSP - Special Education Specialist
PK12-VA1 - Visual Arts Part 1
PK12-VA2 - Visual Arts Part 2
PK12-VASP - Visual Arts Specialist