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Advance your teaching career with OISE Additional Qualification courses

Certified Teachers in Ontario take Additional Qualification (AQ) courses throughout their careers to improve current teaching skills and qualify to teach in different divisions or subject areas as part of their ongoing professional development.

OISE AQ courses draw on the research of our distinguished OISE faculty and evidence-based practices that have made Canada a leader in teaching and learning. Facilitated by exceptional educators, our learning environment provides a quality experience that focuses on practical strategies and innovative approaches to enrich your teaching and your students’ learning.

Join an enriching professional learning community and share a wealth of perspectives, ideas and resources with educators from schools across Ontario and beyond.

LATE SUMMER AQs – Register by August 6th

It’s not too late! We’re running a number of our most in-demand AQ courses a second time this summer. Sign up now to get your spot on one of these popular online courses:


Guidance and Career Education Part 1

Junior Basic - Teaching the Junior Child Focus     

Mathematics (Primary & Junior) Part 1                                         

Mathematics - Intermediate 

Primary Basic   

Reading Part 1    
Social Sciences General - Senior                                            

Special Education Part 1 (Elementary Focus)

Special Education Part 1 (Secondary Focus)

Special Education Part 2

Special Education Specialist

Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 (Secondary Focus)                                   

Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 (Secondary Focus)