Bereavement Education Program

The experience of death is difficult and cannot be avoided. We are often too involved or overwhelmed by our feelings to tap into the spiritual and emotional potential of this experience. We may deny the loss, avoid our feelings or pretend it does not matter. Not attending to these changes in life can lead to possible complications in the quality of one's life.

A Bereavement Educator will be able to:

  • Teach coping skills for healing and growth
  • Educate volunteers in grief support
  • Support and facilitate grief groups
  • Plan workshops and presentations for public education
  • Discuss the impact of loss and grief on health
  • Explain the impact of loss and grief in the family and workplace
  • Recognize and respond to the needs of grieving individuals

Please note: completion of this program does not imply competency to conduct psychotherapy.


The program is intended for living with loss, and professionals who support people in grief, including nurses, clergy, E.A.P. personnel, hospice and hospital volunteers, physicians, mental health practitioners, alternative medical practitioners, guidance counsellors, funeral directors, and educators.

There are no formal prerequisites to take this program.

Full attendance on all dates and courses is mandatory for completion of the program. It is recommended that courses be taken in the order they appear above.


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