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Fundamentals of Lifelong Learning Program

Fundamentals of Lifelong Learning Program

Unlock lifelong learning! Dive into the Fundamentals of Lifelong Learning program, where you'll discover the art of teaching and learning across all ages, from early childhood to senior adults. This program empowers educators with essential skills to create dynamic learning environments in various settings. Join us to understand the evolving nature of learning, effectively engage diverse learners, and develop knowledge and skills in three crucial domains that will elevate you from an educator to an educational leader! Are you ready to empower learners of all ages to thrive in their lifelong learning journey?

The Fundamentals of Lifelong Learning program explores teaching and learning across the lifespan from early childhood to senior adults. The program enables those in educator roles with the knowledge and skills to create effective educational, workplace, and community environments for learning. Novice and seasoned educators in PK-12, PSE, Continuing Education, and Workplace all share a common need to understand how learning works—how a person’s learning evolves through various stages of their personal and professional development, through different educational environments and settings, and through diverse learning experiences. Understanding the unique needs of diverse (and often non-traditional) learners at all phases of lifelong learning requires mastery of Educator Skills Domains, which is the focus of this three-course certificate. At the centre is the learner and how they learn across the lifespan from early childhood to older adulthood, transitioning through life stages which shape their learning motivation, preferences, and approaches. Equally critical is the learning environment—experiential, gamified, digital, work-integrated, community-based, and ever growing in complexity. And finally, learning requires effective teaching and learning design—alignment of learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessments. A mastery of these three key ingredients of effective lifelong learning can turn an educational professional into an educational leader.

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll be able to define and distinguish between the learner development, motivation, achievement, and engagement needs and goals for lifelong learning. You’ll better understand place-based approaches and learning models that enable learning environments and apply place-based approaches and learning models to different learner stages across the lifespan. You will have the opportunity to examine the fundamentals of an effective learning experience, and design and develop a learning experience for a learner group at a particular phase across the lifespan relevant to your professional context.

Who Should Enroll On This Program

This program has no formal prerequisites, but applicants should be working or interested in occupations in Education, including domestic and international professionals in PK-12, Post-Secondary & Continuing Education, and Workplace Learning who are new to Teaching and Learning, find themselves in a role with an education orientation, are developing educational or learning content, and/or are transitioning across the above-mentioned sectors.

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Program Overview

Program Length

6-24 Months



Class Size

Under 30 Learners

Course Duration

21 weeks (7 weeks/course)


5-6 hours/week

Total Investment

$1098 per Course
(HST Exempt)

Available Courses (Take All 3)

Developing engaging and impactful learning experiences starts first with understanding who your learners are – their lived experiences, their strengths and goals, their growth areas, and their motivational influences. This course supports education professionals to recognize and respond to developmental phases, attributes, and challenges across the learner’s lifespan and across Teaching & Learning contexts. Education professionals will come away from this course with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to design, develop, and deliver learner-centered experiences which cultivate competencies for lifelong learning that will support their learners’ academic and professional trajectories across the lifespan. 

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Learning is a process that is grounded in place – an intersection of contextual factors and environmental conditions which set the direction and impact the quality and outcomes of the learning experience. In this course, education professionals will explore key components of the Teaching & Learning Environment and examine how learning environments are actively constructed as well as how they impact the process of learning and related learning outcomes. Education professionals will come away from this course with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to cultivate supportive and effective learning environments across Teaching & Learning contexts. 

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Creating an Effective Learning Experience Effective learning experiences are learner-centered – they intentionally align learning outcomes, content, activities, and assessments based on the profile and context of the learner to optimize engagement, achievement, and impact. In this course, education professionals will explore, assess, and apply various instructional models, frameworks, and strategies relevant to context and outcome. Education professionals will come away from this course with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to design and facilitate learner-centered experiences across Teaching & Learning contexts.

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