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Education Leaders: Nurturing Sustainable Leadership

Education Leaders: Nurturing Sustainable Leadership

The Education Leaders: Nurturing Sustainable Leadership fellowship program is a self-directed, facilitator-supported learning process for experienced education professionals interested in innovative, strategic, and effective school leadership in elementary, secondary, and college learning environments.

This Professional Learning Fellowship (PLF) draws from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s (OISE) evidence-based Ontario Leadership Framework, introduced in 2006 by Professor Kenneth Leithwood, and is focused on enhancing and supporting the practices of successful education leaders. 

While working on your own professional inquiry, you’ll explore the development of processes and tools that can be used by education leaders to address existing challenges, implement effective solutions, lead strategic school improvement initiatives, and support students and colleagues to create environments where learning thrives. 

Our PLF experience is a flexible, adult learning structure with an inquiry-orientation. You’ll be supported by an experienced process facilitator, and experts-in-residence, to enhance your professional agency and build your capacity as an education leader. 

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What you'll Achieve

Develop a leadership roadmap, action plan, strategies, and resources to inform processes related to your education leadership role.  

Upon successful completion of the PLF, you’ll be able to:  

  • Create an implementation framework for your school leadership philosophy or style.
  • Evaluate communication, and manage feedback related to a shared vision, goals, and performance expectations.
  • Build and model productive relationships with students and families, staff and teacher federation representatives, and the broader community.
  • Leverage educational partners, resources, and staff in developing a collaborative, supportive and safe school culture.
  • Formulate, measure, and report on performance indicators to effectively track deliverables, timelines, and budgets.
  • Cultivate a growth and innovation mindset in your school that supports staff professional development, achievement, and capacity.
  • Create and implement, assess and evaluate, and support and improve instructional strategies and curriculum.
  • Integrate social justice and anti-racism to all facets of school leadership, team dynamics, growth, supervision, evaluation, design, and implementation.

Who should apply?

Seasoned education specialists and leaders from primary, secondary, or post-secondary (K-16) education sectors.

Related Occupations


Specialist Teacher

Team Leader

Organization Leader

Network Leader

Program Overview

Upon successful completion of the Fellowship, you will receive a Master Certificate of Completion (OCT Certified Educators will also receive the PQP Part 2 Additional Qualification).

Program Length

3.5 months


Online (asynchronous and synchronous elements)

Class Size

Under 20 Fellows

Course Duration

14 weeks


Active Engagement
7-9 hours per week (125 hours total)

Total Investment

$1,298 (HST Exempt)

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Develop a leadership roadmap, action plan, strategies, and resources to inform processes related to your education leadership role.

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