Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments

Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments

Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments is a 14-week fellowship program for education leaders who want to provide more inclusive, equitable, and accessible learning environments within their organizations.

As a seasoned education professional, you’ll be very familiar with the complex organizational challenges that come with developing and implementing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) strategies within your learning environments. PK-12 and Higher Ed institutions are turning to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework as an effective way to respond to the needs of their learners,  but are unable to fully implement UDL in an effective or sustainable way. 

Some of the most challenging UDL implementation issues to overcome include a lack of formal institutional UDL policies and infrastructural support, inconsistent awareness of UDL across the organization, and time and resource constraints among faculty and/or staff for training, implementation and ongoing management. Even where institutional support is active, challenges may also arise in enabling and/or facilitating effective UDL implementation. 

So, if your goal is to reduce barriers to education, increase learner engagement, and/or enhance existing processes of UDL implementation, where do you even begin? 

Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments provides you (or your team) with the time, space, support, and guidance needed to build your UDL leadership capacity, work through your own organizational challenges and goals, to develop actionable plans to move forward with in your workplace. 

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The OISE Continuing & Professional Learning Fellowship experience commits to an adult learning structure that is flexible and that enables a facilitated inquiry-oriented environment. Our Professional Learning Fellowships are oriented towards creating professional agency and building the capacity of education leaders.

In this program, you will be introduced to diverse insights, current research, and practices that inform Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and builds your leadership confidence and capacity to adopt, adapt, and implement principles of UDL in your organization.

You’ll be guided to think critically as you explore and develop your unique UDL-related implementation plan, recommendation, or other project to advance your organization’s workplace learning goals and objectives. This program is contextualized to your identified workplace observations and needs.

To achieve your learning goals with this program, our Professional Learning Fellowship facilitation team incorporates a process facilitation model that will guide your learning into two core phases:

(1) Discovery and Definition where you will dive into developing local, national and global insights to inform your concept and/or plan;

(2) Development & Implementation where you will consider your operating context and theories of implementation science to test your recommendations and ensure your UDL implementation idea can be applied within your organization.

Upon completion of the program, you will have:

  • Developed an evidence-informed workplace practice, improvement and/or opportunity proposal to share and implement with your workplace and community stakeholders.
  • Established a repertoire of tools, models, and research literature to facilitate critical thinking and effective action planning; these are resources that you can pay forward when leading your teams and peers
  • Gained a professional peer and expert network introduction that you can commit to cultivating in months and years to come for your continued professional and leadership growth
  • Achieved a Master Certificate of Completion from OISE Continuing & Professional Learning, Canada’s #1 Faculty of Education and top 3 in the world education research institution

Who should apply?

Seasoned Education Specialists and Leaders from PK-12 and Post-Secondary Education, or those who oversee training related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, who are interested in process-driven strategies for implementing UDL principles in their organization.

Related Occupations

Associate Directors, Teaching & Learning

Academic Quality Leaders

Curriculum Developers

e-Learning / Instructional Designers

Teaching & Learning Faculty Liaison / Coordinators

Learning Strategists

Program Coordinators


The Professional Learning Fellowship is designed to be completed within 14 weeks to earn a Master Certificate of completion.

Program Length

14 weeks


Online - Synchronous & Asynchronous Elements

Class Size

Under 20 Fellows

Course Duration

14 weeks


Active Engagement
7-9 hours per week
(125 hours total)

Total Investment

$3,985 (HST Exempt)

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Become a UDL leader and overcome organizational challenges to advance inclusive teaching and learning practices in your organization. 



Cultivating inclusive learning requires intention, honouring and affirming differences, and reducing barriers that hinder access and full engagement in the learning process. This fellowship offers an opportunity for education professionals to develop into UDL leaders as they explore ways to improve access to engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

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