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Workplace Learning and Development

Workplace Learning and Development

Whether you train, mentor, coach, lead or simply share your knowledge with colleagues, your role as an educator in the workplace is more important than ever.

According to the World Economic Forum, half of all core skills across all roles are set to change by 2030 —making ongoing learning and re-skilling crucial. Our programs can give you the knowledge and tools to help your organization adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. 

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Why choose our programs

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is a world-renowned centre for research, teaching and learning. Our Continuing & Professional Learning courses draw on current evidence-based practices and emerging strategies to inform professional development in the workplace.

In as little as six months, you can fast-track through some of our programs and earn credit towards a new professional designation, guided by leading facilitators in the fields of adult learning, solution-focused workplace coaching and instructional design.

What you'll learn

Driven by the unique needs of your organization or client, you’ll design and deliver exceptional learning experiences that translate into performance improvement on the job.

With a deeper understanding of how adults learn, you’ll be able to meet the education needs of a diverse workplace, drive talent transformation, and influence organizational culture. With digital and social learning solutions, you can enhance collaboration and accelerate achievement.

As a coach, you’ll gain critical skills for developing, engaging and advancing professionals in the workplace. Using principles of instructional design combined with the latest in user experience (UX) theory, you’ll learn how to produce compelling learning experiences that make an impact.

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