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Workplace Learning and Development

Workplace Learning and Development

Whether you train, mentor, coach, lead or simply share your knowledge with colleagues, your role as an educator in the workplace is more important than ever.

According to the World Economic Forum, half of all core skills across all roles are set to change by 2030 —making ongoing learning and re-skilling crucial. Our programs can give you the knowledge and tools to help your organization adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. 

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Why choose our programs

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is a world-renowned centre for research, teaching and learning. Our Continuing & Professional Learning courses draw on current evidence-based practices and emerging strategies to inform professional development in the workplace.

In as little as six months, you can fast-track through some of our programs and earn credit towards a new professional designation, guided by leading facilitators in the fields of adult learning, solution-focused workplace coaching and instructional design.

What you'll learn

Driven by the unique needs of your organization or client, you’ll design and deliver exceptional learning experiences that translate into performance improvement on the job.

With a deeper understanding of how adults learn, you’ll be able to meet the education needs of a diverse workplace, drive talent transformation, and influence organizational culture. With digital and social learning solutions, you can enhance collaboration and accelerate achievement.

As a coach, you’ll gain critical skills for developing, engaging and advancing professionals in the workplace. Using principles of instructional design combined with the latest in user experience (UX) theory, you’ll learn how to produce compelling learning experiences that make an impact.

Who Would Benefit From This Program

Professionals across a wide range of sectors who design, deliver, or facilitate learning in the workplace, or are interested in enhancing their skills as leaders, educators, trainers, and coaches.

Most Commonly Related Occupations

People Managers

Training Consultants

Learning & Development Leaders


Human Resources Professionals

Sales & IT Professionals

Popular Related FAQs

As a professional certificate program, it is available for all professionals who find it relevant to their context and practice. The program welcomes early-career and experienced Learning and Development professionals and is differentiated accordingly. No applications — simply register for courses online!

The program is designed for professionals across sectors, ideal for those entering or occupying positions in post-secondary education or workplace learning and development. Your colleagues in the program will represent a wide range of professionals, including learning consultants, program administrators, instructional designers, facilitators, teachers, professors/instructors, trainers, talent development and Human Resources, Sales and IT professionals from across diverse industries and sectors, or professionals aspiring to these roles.

Each course is seven weeks in length and facilitated fully online. Courses are designed to be asynchronous so that you can explore learning material, contribute to topical discussion boards with your course colleagues, and complete independent and group activities and assignments within the allotted time frame according to your personal and professional schedule. Often, course facilitators will host live e-classes depending on the availability of the group majority. These sessions are voluntary and recorded for later use. There are several opportunities to connect and apply learning to your context and receive personalized feedback and coaching from your facilitators, who are highly experienced L&D professionals and leaders.

We recommend beginning with Introduction to Adult Learning as it provides a strong foundation for other courses, but otherwise you’re welcome to register for courses as they suit your schedule and professional interests. On a full-time professional schedule, we recommend completing one course at a time. Given the pace of each course, the richness of opportunities to apply and reflect on learning in your context, and the quality of feedback and coaching, we encourage you to focus on one course at a time. Of course, a manageable course load largely depends on the flexibility of your personal and professional schedule, and other commitments you might be managing at this time.

As this is a professional certificate program, it does not qualify for scholarships, OSAP, or other sources of financial aid. These options are typically reserved for diploma, degree, or vocational programs. However, employers often reimburse their team members for the cost of the program as they find great value in this investment. We invite you to explore this option with your employer.

The Adult Learning and Development Program is a professional certificate program. 

Learning Experience Design is a holistic approach to learning that considers a wide range of factors that contribute to a learner’s experience of a particular learning solution. It draws upon User Experience, Universal Design for Learning, Design Thinking and various other design methodologies.

The purpose of the Learning Experience Design Program is not to survey various online learning tools and platforms. Rather, the program develops knowledge and skills for tool selection and utilization, responding to learner needs and learning objectives. You may choose to explore any online learning tool through the frameworks and lenses you will be introduced to during the program.

Yes! The program was designed for working professionals living anywhere in the world. Courses are designed to be asynchronous, with opportunities to join live e-classes which are recorded and posted for viewing on the learning platform. 

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What Our Learners Think

“I now have the confidence and competence to apply my educator skills in transferable contexts, allowing me to practice my craft as an education professional with diverse learning audiences.”

A. Ashbourne

Adult Learning & Development

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