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Professional, Continuing, and Online Learning

Professional, Continuing, and Online Learning

With a rich history of serving lifelong learners, Professional, Continuing, and Online Education (PCO) units are well-positioned to lead higher education into the future. They bring invaluable experience in accommodating adult learners, aiding institutional adaptation, and crafting relevant offerings.

PCO units are hotbeds of innovation, and can offer invaluable insights into labour market needs, serving as bridges between universities and industry. They cater to a rapidly growing learner base, ensuring responsiveness to industry demands and learner requirements.

Enrol in our PCO programs to empower yourself with the tools to meet the diverse needs of lifelong learners and become a catalyst for positive change within your organization.

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Why Choose our Programs

Continuing and Professional Learning at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto offers a flexible range of courses and intensive workshops, taught by leading practitioners and facilitators in the field of post-secondary education.

Professionals across all sectors of post-secondary education—student services, academic and career counselling, administration and governance—as well as leaders, facilitators and planners, will have access to the cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices that shape higher learning today.

What You’ll Learn

Our programs and certificates aim to equip you with the knowledge, confidence and professional networks you need to advance in your career and foster systemic change within your organization.

You’ll learn how to be an effective facilitator, guiding meetings, training and learning even under challenging circumstances. Using instructional design principles, you’ll understand how to develop and deliver quality teaching, learning and services outcomes.

Crafting impactful and compelling written content, you’ll engage learners, colleagues and stakeholders in multiple media formats while effectively representing your educational brand’s values. Finally, you’ll learn what creates a healthy campus community, supporting diversity and inclusion and setting students up for success.

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