Professional and Student Inquiry in Norway

Mar 23rd, 2018  |  News

Kommunesektorens organisasjon of Buskerud, Telemark and Vestfold (KS BTV) is a government organization with a mandate to support and advance education systems and in doing so, develop social participation, economic prosperity and democracy.

Over the past several years, OISE CPL has worked with KS BTV to deliver custom professional development programs in Toronto and in Norway that have focused on principal leadership and school improvement.

Program participants sharing the 6Cs and their post program action plan.
Suzanne Molitor, OISE Facilitator and Dag Langfjæran , KS Konsulent, Med Vennlig hilsen Ann-Kariin Iversen KS BTV

Dr. Suzanne Molitor and Ms. Carol Champan, who have extensive experience working with international educators delivered the 2-day program to 2 sets of schools teams in Norway on March 20-21 and 22-23 focusing on

  • developing a growth mindset
  • building professional learning communities
  • collaborative professional inquiries
  • developing student inquiries and global competencies
  • and more!

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