Graduates of Teacher Education programs can explore career opportunities that go far beyond the classroom

Feb 12th, 2022  |  Other

OISE Continuing & Professional Learning offers courses that can support your career goals as an educator, and uncover professional pathways you may not have considered.

At OISE CPL we support an entire ecosystem of education professionals across a broad range of workplaces. Your teacher education program may lead you down many different paths and our goal is to create professional learning opportunities that support you in those pathways.

As a new graduate, you may have decided you want to become a Teacher in Ontario’s PK-12 education system, or further afield in another country.  Your own experience in higher education may have inspired you to want to serve students in College or University environments.  Or, you may have decided you’d prefer to explore other ways to apply your educator skills, as an Instructional Designer or organizational Learning & Development leader. Whatever path you choose, OISE CPL has professional learning courses to help you on your way:

Teachers entering Ontario’s PK-12 education system can benefit from Additional Qualification courses:

  • AQs can qualify you to teach in other divisions or subject areas, and help you improve your current teaching skills, adapt to changing curricula and incorporate current research into daily teaching practices  
  •  Completing AQ courses can make you more marketable as you begin applying to school boards

*Something to Consider – When you get hired to a school board, you will likely be hired as a supply teacher, so the more variety you have in Part 1 Additional Qualifications, the more opportunities to supply teach and gain experience will be available to you!

*Questions about AQs? Read answers to some of our most frequently asked Additional Qualifications Questions:

Additional Qualifications – Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions


Teachers considering international teaching opportunities can expand their options with IB:

Educator skills can be advantageous in a broad range of career opportunities in the Higher Education sector too:

  • When you think about your time in your undergraduate and graduate degree programs and all of the different professionals who supported you along the way (beyond your professors), these are some of the career paths that are open to you! Our Serving Students in Higher Education program consists of 3 courses to help aspiring higher ed professionals gain a better understanding of the current issues facing the sector and define what constitutes a healthy campus community to enable both student and professional achievement.

Honing your learning design and adult teaching & learning skills can lead to career opportunities in organizational Learning Design & Development functions in any sector:

  • Learning & Development professionals, learning coaches and education consultants are people you may find in one of our courses in the Adult Learning and Development certificate  – a 5-course program designed to equip you with the skills you need to deliver learning to adults / workplace  professionals 
  • Curriculum Designers, post-secondary facilitators and learning and development design managers can benefit from the Learning Experience Design program  – a 3-course certificate program, combining user experience design, instructional design, education pedagogy and andragogy to equip education professionals with a learner-centric toolkit for designing learning experiences 

Want to discuss options?

Your teacher education program has set you up with an incredible foundation of knowledge and experience to help you navigate a wide variety of professional pathways throughout your career. Let us help you find your path!  

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