Evidence-Based Programs with Real-World Applications

Apr 30th, 2021  |  News

OISE Continuing & Professional Learning (OISE CPL) offers much more than courses for educators seeking to advance their skills.

OISE is an education research institute whose primary objective is to develop and disseminate education research, and OISE Continuing and Professional Learning (OISE CPL) is a division of OISE – Research, International & Innovation.  

OISE CPL is not your average continuing education department. We prioritize an evidence-based approach, and we generate new insights, inform professional practice, and actively engage in education research. 

 “We introduce educators to the breadth of education research from OISE (Canada) and globally. We ignite professional curiosity about searching out the theoretical frameworks and research that informs education practices.” Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone, executive director, OISE CPL. 

Each OISE CPL course is tied to a rich theoretical framework: the global competencies, the educator skill domains and the professional learning model.

Learn to Ask “Why”

“Everything is theory driven,” says Matthew Christian, a facilitator in our Adult Learning and Development program who teaches the course Online Learning Environments. “These are not purely training courses. It’s not about pushing a button, it’s about asking why that button is there in the first place.” 

He marvels at what our learners take away from these programs. “I feel they come out of it better able to be adaptable and resilient. They have a growth mindset about approaching new things and technology.” 


Relevant and Connected Programs

OISE CPL programs are grounded in theory and relevant to today’s education environments and workplaces. “They’re so well connected to real-world application,” says Cory Coletta, a student services leader who facilitates a course in the Serving Students in Higher Education program. “They’re connected to what people are experiencing in their jobs.” He’s seen people from a wide range of professional backgrounds apply their CPL skills and knowledge to their individual sectors. 

While Cory has taught elsewhere, OISE CPL stands out for him as a place where the courses are taught in a fluid, flexible way that blends evidence and rigour with adapting to learners. 


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