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What's Your Problem? An Exploration of Professional Learning Fellowships with OISE CPL

What's Your Problem?? Join us for an Exploration of Professional Learning Fellowships, hosted by Dr. Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone on September 27 from 12pm-2pm EST

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, information session and inquiry exploration hosted by Dr. Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone.

In this session, Dr. Rees-Johnstone and a panel of past Fellowship participants will provide key insights into the OISE CPL Professional Learning Fellowship Experience.

We’ll discuss the goal of the Fellowship model, how the program works, and how to apply. We will also hear directly from past CPL Fellows about how the experience has impacted their professional practice since completing the program. 

During the second half of the session, attendees are invited to introduce a workplace challenge, inquiry or “problem” for an opportunity to think through your next steps live, with our Fellowship learning team. Those without a specific project in mind can observe the benefits of an OISE CPL Fellowship in action, and ask any questions that may come to mind.

This conversation is designed to get your wheels turning, as you consider how an OISE CPL Fellowship can enhance your leadership acumen and guide you toward the development of a real-world solution to your workplace ‘problem’!

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Subject Matter Experts

Headshot of Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone

Dr. Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone,

Elisabeth is the Executive Director at OISE Continuing and Professional Learning, University of Toronto, and the co-founder and current director of InnovED – the University of Toronto’s first campus-linked accelerator dedicated to education innovation and entrepreneur development for education services improvement.

Photo of Jennifer Kerr

Jennifer Kerr, OISE CPL Fellow,

Coordinating Leader – Leadership, Capacity and School Partnerships, PDSB

Photo of Brian Kalakula

Brian Kalakula, OISE CPL Fellow,

Partnership Development Officer, OISE University of Toronto

Photo of Rashpal Uppal

Rashpal Uppal, Expert-in-Residence,

Strategic Management Consultant

Photo of Jenna Marinucci Cebo

Jenna Marinucci Cebo, Process Facilitator,

Curriculum & Learning Innovation Coordinator, OISE CPL