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CEW11 -

Understanding Stress and Learning- Learning to Learn Around Mental Health

Why do students behave the way they do? How can we better manage stressors commonly experienced by students?

Find out more about the underlying processes of our brain and how it handles stress in this engaging session with Dr. Todd Cunningham. Learn how to look for the stressors that may be contributing to students’ misbehaviours, and explore evidence-based strategies for handling stressors commonly experienced by students.

You’ll gain a basic understanding of the neural responses to stress, as well as a variety of interventions to minimize and address stressors.

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Subject Matter Experts

Dr. Todd Cunningham, Clinical & School Psychologist

Dr. Cunningham is a clinical and school psychologist, Assistant Professor (teaching stream) at the University of Toronto and provides psychological services through his private practice. He completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Psychology Department at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Toronto. His innovative research investigates the integration of assistive technology and learning strategies for children with learning difficulties due to a variety of reasons. A sought-after public speaker and consultant, Dr. Cunningham has shared his expertise with parents, students, educators, school boards, and other professionals across Canada. In addition to hundreds of workshops, Dr. Cunningham has guest lectured at universities, given keynote addresses, presented at educational and research conferences, and appeared on CBC several times. Dr. Cunningham was awarded a Bell “Let’s Talk” mental health grant to provide academic intervention support to northern Ontario communities through telepsychology.

He is the proud father of two bright, beautiful, and absolutely, delightful girls.