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Acknowledging Invisible Grief in Times of Uncertainty

Image of Karima Joy, the presenter of the Acknowledging Invisible Grief webinar

What is grief, and what is considered a loss?

Grief has been compounded throughout the pandemic, and has brought about many types of losses and deaths, such as losing a loved one or a friend, a job, an identity, a routine, or anything else that has left our lives.

In this webinar, registered social worker, therapist and Grief Education Program Lead Karima Joy will define grief literacy and examine invisible losses, as well as some of the barriers to naming grief.

Connect with us as we explore strategies for acknowledging grief, both personally and professionally.

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Subject Matter Experts

Program Lead, Grief Education

Karima Joy,

Karima is a registered social worker, therapist, and PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto at the Dalla School of Public Health in the Social and Behavioural Health Sciences Division.