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Discover how Canada has risen as a global leader in K-12 education, consistently recognized for its commitment to Quality Education. Throughout this immersive experience, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Canadian education experts, authorities, and local schools, gaining firsthand insights into educational theory and its practical applications within the Greater Toronto Area.

What is an EduTour?

Step beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and embark on a structured journey with OISE EduTours. More than a mere trip, an education tour, or EduTour, offers a transformative learning experience tailored for education professionals like you. Our programs cater to educators, education stakeholders, and teams seeking to deepen their understanding and exposure to effective practices across various educational levels and environments, including industry and workforce development.

About OISE EduTours

OISE EduTours are available twice yearly, in Spring (April/May) and Autumn (October/November).

Designed as 3-to-5-day experiences conducted in English, our EduTours showcase Canadian education practices, emphasizing key areas such as:

  • Education Leadership
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professional Learning for Educator Capacity Building
  • Inquiry-Based Learning Across the Curriculum
  • Global Competencies
  • Entrepreneurship Education

Our EduTours cater to teachers, principals, administrators, and all individuals keen on exploring the Canadian educational system. Committed to enhancing your professional development journey, our experienced EduTour Coordinating Team meticulously crafts program objectives, curates resources and experiences, and collaborates with OISE CPL partners to deliver impactful learning opportunities.

You’ll Experience:

Enhanced Learning

Immerse yourself in a hands-on, practical approach to learning. Our EduTours offer unique opportunities to see, experience and interact with real-world examples relevant to your education subjects, leadership roles, or areas of interest by meeting with Canadian education experts, authorities, and local schools.

Experiential Learning 

Engage with the subject matter in a meaningful and memorable way. Our EduTours foster deeper understanding through experiential learning, empowering you to apply new insights directly to your educational context.

Cultural Exposure

Broaden your horizons with visits to historical, cultural, or scientific sites. Our EduTours provide exposure to diverse cultures, traditions and perspectives, enriching your professional development journey.

Active Networking 

Connect with peers, experts and professionals in your field. Our EduTours serve as a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration, facilitating meaningful connections that extend beyond the EduTour experience.

Join us as an individual or as part of a small group.

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