How Canada Became an Education Superpower

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Canada Educational Visits:
September 2020 / June 2021

Join us in Toronto, Canada to learn how Canada became a world leader in K-12 education and why it is ranked #1 globally for SDG 4 - Quality Education. During this visit you will have an opportunity to meet with Canadian education experts, authorities, and local schools, and observe how educational theory works in practice in Canadian classrooms within the Greater Toronto Area.

“Rather than a country of extremes, Canada’s results show a very high average, with relatively little difference between advantaged and disadvantaged students.”

What do we offer?

The department of Continuing and Professional Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education offers two Edu-Visit opportunities every year in spring and autumn. These educational visits are conducted in English and are designed to showcase Canadian practices in education.

  • Empowering Leadership at All Levels
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Professional Learning to Build Educator Capacity
  • Inquiry Based Learning Across the Curriculum
  • Global Competencies

For Individuals and groups

Edu-Visits are designed for teachers, principals, administrators, post-secondary students and all others interested in learning about the Canadian educational system. Enrol as an individual or as small groups who wish to learn together.

For groups of 12 people or more, we are happy to customize a visit. Please email for more information.

2020 - 2021 EduVisits:

Autumn Visit: September 29 - October 2, 2020

Spring Visit: June 1 - 4, 2021

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Price: $2200 CAD* + HST 13% (total $2486 CAD)

*The price includes fees for presentations, workshops, visits to schools and other organisations, lunches, one group dinner, local transportation to site visits, a city bus and harbour tour, and a trip to scenic Niagara Falls and the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

PLEASE NOTE: The final confirmation letter will be sent to the participants either when there are at least 10 participants registered, or at the latest shortly after the final registration day on July 29, 2020 and for the Spring 2021 visit on April 1, 2021. The organiser is not responsible for any travel or accommodation-related costs.

The Canadian Education Landscape

The aim of the visit is to explore Canada’s unique decentralised education landscape which has equity as a uniting theme, and from coast to coast to coast produces top performing results on international benchmarks such as PISA. This visit will also provide an examination of the education system in the province of Ontario. Participants will learn how Ontario cultivates and continuously develops a high-quality teaching profession and strong leadership at all levels of the system. See how it is building on past achievements and moving forward with ambitious goals.

Visit the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education – Canada’s #1 Faculty of Education

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is recognized as a global leader in graduate programs in teaching and learning, continuing teacher education, and education research. It is one of the largest and most research-intensive faculties of education in North America. During your visit you will meet and exchange ideas with OISE experts and practitioners who have been part of the Ontario education transformation story.

Visit Ontario Public Schools

Deepen your insight of Ontario education by visiting public school in the city of Toronto. You will be welcomed to observe lessons and interact with principals, teachers, and pupils. Experience the daily life of Ontario schools!

Sample Edu-Visit Program

* Program details are subject to change based on availability and scheduling.


  • Start your exploration before you even land in Toronto! We will send you a pre-visit email with a welcome video and helpful resources to introduce you to education in Canada. We will also provide you with resources that may be helpful during your stay in Toronto.

Day 1

  • Welcoming words and program orientation by OISE Continuing and Professional Learning
  • Facilitated introduction of the program leaders and participants
  • Presentations on the following:
    • Our Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education Journey
    • The Ontario Education System: Aligned & Coherent Structure and Governance
    • Research-Based Factors Impacting Systemic Improvement in Student Achievement
  • Lunch at OISE
  • Presentations on the following:
    • Enabling and Leading Equity and Inclusion in Quality Education SDG4 systems and schools
  • Day 1: Panel Presentation: Voices of School Leadership
    • Discuss Leadership through the lens of Student Achievement, Data, Equity with a local Superintendent, Principal and Trustee
  • Campus Walking Tour

Day 2

  • Welcome and Day 1 Recap and Q&A
  • Review of Day 2 Orientation and Objectives
  • Presentations:
    • Effective Models of Professional Learning
    • The OISE CPL Modern Educator Equation
  • Workshops:
    • The Ontario Leadership Framework
    • Leadership and School Improvement Process
    • Preparation for School Visits – Look Fors during Walk through School and Questions to Ask
  • Lunch at OISE
    • Ontario College of Teachers Visit
    • City Bus Tour
    • Group Dinner

Day 3

  • Visit a local elementary school and have lunch with school staff and students
  • This afternoon you will enjoy an excursion to majestic Niagara Falls and the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Day 4

  • Visit a local secondary school
  • Lunch
  • Consolidation of Learning: We will join together for a facilitated discussion of observations and questions, a compare/contrast of Ontario Schools with Home Schools, and a discussion of how global competencies are infused into teaching and learning.
    • Final Reflections
    • Edu-Visit Evaluations
    • Celebration of Learning


  • After you visit we will reach out with a recap of learning and methods to stay in touch.


The choice, booking and payment of accommodation in Toronto during the visit is the responsibility of the participant. However, the following accommodations are within a close proximity to the OISE building (walking distance or short transit ride or taxi):

Need more info?

To learn more about enrolling in this OISE Certificate, or if you have any questions about applying, get in touch with our team today.