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For more than a century, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) has made a major contribution to advancing education, human development and professional practice in Canada and around the world.

At the forefront of education systems improvement, we have worked to strengthen the capability of educators while building best practices in professional learning. Now, we can bring our expertise to you, anywhere in the world, with our custom solutions and services to achieve your organization’s unique education goals.

Why Custom Learning?

A custom learning solution and/or service is uniquely yours—built around your organization’s needs, challenges, values and culture.

Your team’s vision, strategy and current context are valuable inputs which help to shape our solutions and further ensure the custom programs and services we implement are timely, relevant and impactful to your education environment.

Our custom learning solutions build upon your current strengths, and assist you in identifying opportunities for innovation and leading improvement initiatives in your division, organization and community. Our facilitators and associates are accomplished practitioners in the field of education and professional learning, ready to adapt our professional learning programs to fit your needs.

What We Offer

Continuing & Professional Learning at OISE provides custom programs and services that support education leaders, and the organizations in which they work, to build upon their strengths and opportunities to improve their education environments.

Our solution design and implementation methods apply a systems approach.  We start by first gaining an appreciation of your current context (capacity and needs) and from there, we leverage OISE’s world-renowned education research and our current professional learning practices to develop a plan for achieving your goals and objectives.

Our Custom Programs & Services

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Professional learning is not one size fits all—your team, school, board or organization is unique, and so are your needs for professional solutions. We have the passion and expertise to work closely with you to design and deliver individual and team skill development opportunities.

Discover the different ways we can work together—we can offer one of our open-enrollment OISE-CPL programs exclusively to your team, or we can adapt our existing programming to suit your needs, challenges and strengths.

Case Studies

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Confident Online Student Evaluation and Assessment in Qatar

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CHED Philippines CAN30 Group at OISE

Building an Adult Education Framework in the Philippines

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer is – everywhere! We have worked with organizations from around the globe – hosting them at OISE, sending our Associates abroad, or meeting up online.

We are here to make the process as easy as possible for you! Reach out to us to let us know what type of support you are seeking and the issue you are trying to solve for. We will set up a meeting to discuss your needs and walk you through the process that best fits your context.

We work with organizations of all sizes and across sectors! These include:

  •   Public schools and school boards
  •   Private schools
  •   International schools
  •   Colleges and Universities
  •   Workplace Learning and Development units
  •   Health care organizations

Don’t see your type of organization there? We’d be happy to add you to the list!

Our programs are professional in nature and do not provide credit towards academic programs within the University of Toronto. However, we often work with international bodies to create programs which are recognized in your home country. We also issue Recognition of Achievement certificates or Certificates of Completion, depending on the length and type of program we customize for you.

The University of Toronto facilitates online learning in a variety of ways. We use the Learning Management System, Canvas, to support asynchronous learning. (Note: Within U of T, the platform is called Quercus!) You will receive login credentials to access the Quercus site. We also make use of platforms such as Zoom and Teams to support live virtual learning. Our expert facilitators bring in a host of other online tools to make your experience more engaging and interactive.

Meet The OISE Team

Our talented team of experienced facilitators, instructional designers, and learning specialists have worked with clients in more than 20 countries.

Dr. Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone

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Joe Romano

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Michael Cassidy

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Samantha Presutto

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Hanadi Abdullah

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JIngting Wang

Jingting (Crystal) Wang

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Interested in a Custom Program?

We’d be delighted to work with you and discover how we can help you address your many needs and objectives.

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“Our visit to OISE was characterized by both a professional and personal approach that led to us gaining lots of new knowledge that we could transform into the development of our Teacher education.”

Pia Thornberg

Kristianstad University

“The OISE team has been so responsive, professional and flexible throughout our work together on the analysis of the UNRWA Classroom Observation Study and helping us prepare for the next triannual study.”

Dr Caroline Pontefract