Visual Arts Specialist

Emphasizing an integrated, collaborative approach, this course aims to remove barriers to emerging technologies for a global vision to student learning.

To further develop instructional strategies, you will construct unit plans/courses to encourage student choice and voice as reflected in current curriculum practices and policies. Leadership skills are in the forefront as you continue to refine a personal visual arts philosophy. Engaging in self-directed learning will deepen the knowledge of visual arts production, processes and theories. This course promotes an on-line component and limited access to studio experiences.


Prerequisites for Specialist:

  1. Completion of Part 1 and Part 2:
    Evidence of the completion of Part 1 and Part 2 as shown on your Certificate of Qualification. It is no longer necessary to send in a copy of your Certificate of Qualification. We have access to this information via the OCT Public Registry.

  2. Certificate of Teaching Experience – 2 Years:
    Evidence of at least two (2) years of successful teaching experience, including one (1) year of experience in the subject in which the qualification is being sought. This experience must be certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer on the OISE Certificate of Teaching Experience Form

Please Note:

Any exceptions and additional requirements are noted below.

  • We do not have the authority to determine whether or not candidates meet the teaching experience prerequisite for Part 2 and Part 3 AQs. We are responsible only for collecting the Certificate of Teaching Experience once it has been signed by the appropriate authority. Please direct all inquiries regarding teaching experience to your employer.


Successful completion is a final grade of B-

Upon successful completion of the course, a recommendation will be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers.


Not Available
The next available section will be offered in Spring/Summer 2021.  Click the request information button to be notified when a section becomes available for registration.