Visual Arts Part 2

Welcome to your continuing journey of creating an experienced integrated visual arts program!

Dive into the realm of promotion where you will design an advocacy plans to support visual arts education in the school community and beyond! Investigate issues around effective planning as you continue developing classroom implementation strategies and course building abilities. Probe ideas for structuring dynamic, engaging learning environments, increase your maker skills, and refine your philosophical approaches to visual arts education.


Teachers holding qualifications in technological education are also eligible to take this Three-Session Qualification course.


Prerequisites for Part 2:

  1. Completion of Part 1 or the equivalent:
    A current Ontario College of Teachers' Certificate of Qualification showing successful completion of Part 1 or the equivalent of the three-session qualification. 

  2. Certificate of Teaching Experience – 1 Year:
    Evidence of at least one (1) year of successful teaching experience certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer or proof of at least one (1) year of successful teaching experience outside Ontario certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer on the OISE Certificate of Teaching Experience Form

Please Note:

Any exceptions and additional requirements are noted below.

  • We do not have the authority to determine whether or not candidates meet the teaching experience prerequisite for Part 2 and Part 3 AQs. We are responsible only for collecting the Certificate of Teaching Experience once it has been signed by the appropriate authority. Please direct all inquiries regarding teaching experience to your employer.


Successful completion is a final grade of C-

Upon successful completion of the course, a recommendation will be sent to the Ontario College of Teachers.









Full Course Details

Section Title:

Visual Arts Part 2

Enrolment Session:

2024 Summer



Total Hours:



Tue, Wed, Thu




04 Jul 2024 to 25 Jul 2024

Delivery Option:


Schedule & Location:

Course Fee(s):


Section Note(s):

Deadline to register: June 25, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If the "Add to Cart" button is still available, late registration is possible for this course. 

This session will run for 3 weeks intensively. Your learning will take the form of in-depth online discussions as well as group and individual assignments.

Learners will be expected to engage in approximately 42 hours of learning per week for a total of 125 hours:

  • 35 hours synchronous online learning (video conferencing & activities) - click “View Details” next to ’Schedule & Location’ to view the meeting schedule 
  • 65 hours asynchronous online learning
  • 25 hours assignments and independent study


  • Once registered, please visit the Learner Portal to submit your course application and any related documents by the registration deadline (we recommend doing so from a computer for the best user experience)
  • Requests for withdrawal received by the registration deadline will receive a refund. Requests made after this date will require further review. You can find our withdrawal, refund and transfer policy under Resources » OISE CPL Registration Policies

Required Supplies

• Device for taking pictures and using digital apps (ex. phone, tablet and/or DSLR Camera)
• Google Gmail Account

• Sketchbook or Sketchpaper for making an art journal
• Watercolour pencils or watercolour paint set
• Thin paint brush (suitable for watercolour)
• Graphite pencils
• Eraser
• Small pack of colour fine line markers (eg.Staedtler, Pilot)
• Thin black felt marker for sketching
• Markers (ex. Crayola) or Graphic markers
• Glue Stick
• Wood glue or white glue
• 1 sheet of white Cardstock (bristol board paper)
• Small Exacto Knife
• Scissors
• Ruler

Learners will also be asked to source available household supplies for activities (Ex. Magazines, Egg Cartons, Fabric, Styrofoam etc)

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