Nurturing Sustainable Leadership

The Nurturing Sustainable Leadership Professional Learning Fellowship (PLF) provides a facilitated learning process aimed at seasoned school/education leaders who are interested in pursuing a self-designated project related to expanding and enhancing their skills as innovative, strategic, and effective school leaders within the K-16 space.

Rooted in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s (OISE) evidence-based Ontario Leadership Framework, which was first introduced in 2006 by Professor Kenneth Leithwood, this Fellowship focuses on enhancing and supporting essential practices of successful education leaders, including the development of processes, mechanisms, and tools that can be leveraged by educational leaders when identifying and addressing existing challenges, incorporating effective solutions, planning and directing school/organization improvement, supporting their team, and aligning strategy and resources with vision and goals to drive student achievement and produce highly effective teams. 

The program is designed in a cohort-based peer-to-peer flexible and inquiry-oriented environment where you will be guided by a facilitator and supported by experts in residence as you go about developing your leadership roadmap.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this Professional Learning Fellowship, Fellows will have demonstrated the ability to: 

  • Create an implementation framework for their school leadership philosophy or style that directs, motivates, and manages people, resources, and school environments.
  • Identify strategies for the development, implementation and communication of a shared vision and mission, including long- and short-term goals and performance expectations for school improvement and student achievement.
  • Identify and apply practices for the building and modelling of productive relationships with students and families, staff and teacher federation representatives, and the broader community.
  • Determine the planning and processes to identify and understand a range of situational factors of a school, and to leverage educational partners, resources, and staff in developing a collaborative, supportive and safe school culture.
  • Formulate performance indicators to effectively track deliverables, timelines, and budgets to measure and report on accountability.
  • Design and integrate into the work environment a growth and innovation mindset rooted in supports for staff professional development, achievement, and capacity.
  • Determine the process and criteria required to create, implement, assess/evaluate, and support/improve instructional strategies and curriculum.
  • Integrate social justice and anti-racism into all facets of school leadership, team dynamics, growth, supervision, evaluation, design, and implementation.


The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and high speed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required.  


Completion of all three courses in Phase One of the Education Leaders Program:

  • Course 1: Shared Leadership: Building Relationships and Engaging Communities
  • Course 2: Organizational Leadership: Developing and Implementing a Shared School Vision
  • Course 3: Instructional Leadership: Creating an Effective School and Student Learning Experience 


Upon completion of Phase Two – Nurturing Sustainable Leadership Professional Learning Fellowship: 

Additional Qualification: Principal’s Qualification Program, Part 2. 

This will be reflected on your OCT Certificate of Qualifications. 


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