Instructional Leadership: Creating an Effective School and Student Learning Experience

Examine all aspects of the critical role you'll play as the leading 'agent of change' at your school/organization to improve and advance student achievement and success.

Examine approaches and strategies for the coordination of instructional programs and curriculum, the supervision and support of teachers in their instructional capacity, the monitoring of the student learning experience at the classroom level, and the use of data to assess school/organization improvement progress. Discuss case scenarios with your peers and take part in contextual analysis to consider different aspects of creating an effective learning environment and meaningful student learning experience.

Who Should Attend?

  • OCT-Member Learners who aspire to transition into a school leadership role (e.g., Vice-Principal, Principal) and meet the Ontario College of Teachers requirement for the Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP) Part I.
  • Professional Learners, such as Domestic and International Teachers, Administrators, aspiring Principals, School Leaders, Teacher-Leaders and Governance Members in International Schools who are looking to explore and develop the skills, knowledge, resources, and competencies of effective and adaptive leadership within the K-16 space.

Learning Outcomes

Learners who successfully complete the course will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop an understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, identity, power, privilege, oppression, intersectionality, anti-racism, current educational theories and practices (e.g., critical pedagogy), and recognize their impact on teaching, learning, and curriculum.
  • Explore strategies for translating a school’s mission and goals into curriculum content and instructional practices.
  • Examine strategies for designing, implementing, and communicating a school’s curriculum program, achievement indicators and performance expectations in collaboration with students, staff, and communities.
  • Examine strategies for monitoring, supporting, and evaluating instruction.
  • Identify leadership strategies to inform the process of monitoring curriculum and instruction’s impact on student learning.
  • Design and develop an implementation plan for effective school/student learning experience.


The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and highspeed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required.

Please note: Effective January 2011, OISE MEd students in the Educational Leadership & Policy program who have successfully completed their Principal's Qualification Program (PQP) from OISE may use these as electives LHA1060 and/or LHA1061. Students wishing to pursue this optional route to fulfill one of the program requirements will be required to obtain the approval of Dr. Anna Katyn Chmiewelski, Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership & Policy. Admission into the Principal's Qualification Program (PQP) is separate from the graduate program and is contingent upon the approval of to the Executive Director, OISE Continuing & Professional Learning unit. For more information about the Educational Leadership & Policy program, formerly Educational Administration program, please refer to the OISE Bulletin.


Completion of course 1, Shared Leadership: Building Relationships and Engaging Communities

Completion of course 2, Organization Leadership: Developing and Implementing a Shared School Vision 

Organizational Leadership: Developing and Implementing a Shared School Vision (Mandatory)


OCT Certified Educators: course 3 of 3 towards the Principal’s Qualification, Part 1.

Education Professionals (Non-OCT): course 3 of 3 towards the OISE CPL Certificate of Completion.

Program Outcome for OCT Certified Educators 

Program Outcome for Education Professionals (Non-OCT)

Upon completion of Phase One – Education Leaders: Building the Foundations of Leadership 3-course pack:

Additional Qualification: Principal’s Qualification Program, Part 1. 

This will be reflected on your OCT Certificate of Qualifications.

Upon completion of Phase One – Education Leaders: Building the Foundations of Leadership 3-course pack:

OISE CPL Certificate of Completion from the University of Toronto.









Course can be applied towards

Education Leaders Program: Phase 1

Full Course Details

Section Title:

Instructional Leadership: Creating an Effective School and Student Learning Experience

Enrolment Session:

2024 Summer



Total Hours:




11 Jul 2024 to 29 Aug 2024

Delivery Option:


Course Fee(s):


Section Note(s):

Deadline to register: July 4, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If the "Add to Cart" button is still available, late registration is possible for this course. 

Online - Asynchronous & Optional Synchronous

This session will run for 7 weeks. Your learning will take the form of in-depth online discussions as well as group and individual assignments. Learners will be expected to engage in approximately 6 contact hours of learning per week for a total of 42 hours.

Please note: Completion of course 1, Shared Leadership, and course 2, Organizational Leadership, are required in order to register for course 3, Instructional Leadership.

Requests for withdrawal received by the registration deadline will receive a refund. Requests made after this date will only be considered for extenuating circumstances and require further review and documentation. You can find our withdrawal, refund and transfer policy under Resources » OISE CPL Registration Policies.

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