Engaging Learners Across Generations

Developing engaging and impactful learning experiences starts first with understanding who your learners are – their lived experiences, their strengths and goals, their growth areas, and their motivational influences.

This course supports education professionals to recognize and respond to developmental phases, attributes, and challenges across the learner's lifespan and across Teaching & Learning contexts. Education professionals will come away from this course with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to design, develop, and deliver learner-centered experiences which cultivate competencies for lifelong learning that will support their learners' academic and professional trajectories across the lifespan.

Learning Outcomes

Learners who successfully complete the course will have demonstrated the ability to:
1.Identify the different learner phases across the lifespan.
2.Describe the domains of learning for each group.
3.Describe developmental domains and attributes for each group.
4.Explore potential development challenges of each group.


The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and high-speed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required. 


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