Fundamentals of Learning Experience Design

User Experience (UX) in the technology landscape has emerged as critical for organizations which are serious about engaging their customers in mobile and digital environments.

With the influence of technology within the education space, Learning Experience Design (LXD) is the synthesis of user experience design methodology, instructional systems design and education pedagogy/andragogy. The Learning Experience Design program introduces education professionals to the attributes and processes of Learning Experience Design in order to advance their professional skill-set for developing learning solutions which produce compelling and engaging learning experiences. In this course, you will explore how to increase with your own awareness of your learners, their characteristics, behaviours and needs; and you will build your toolkit for designing better learner interactions and enhancing the sensory experience in your solutions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course/program, professionals will have demonstrated the ability to apply techniques for designing more impactful and engaging learning experiences.

To achieve the critical performance described above, professionals will have demonstrated the ability to...

  • Explain the key concepts behind Learner Experience Design.
  • Describe the phases of The Learning Experience Design Model, including activities and outputs at each stage.
  • Create learner personas that drive heightened awareness of learner characteristics, behaviours and needs.
  • Develop a repertoire of tools for designing learner interactions and enhancing the sensory experience of the learner in any medium.
  • Employ communication tools and alternate media to drive learner engagement and ensure a cohesive learning experience.



Course requirements: The course requires a computer and online access to the OISE course environment, as well as the ability to connect online to other websites and resources as required. Important: You may require the ability to download tools and software in order to experiment with various technologies. We will encourage you to get comfortable with creating accounts with various social media sources (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).


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