(Course 3) Instructional Leadership: Creating an Effective School and Student Learning Experience

Examine all aspects of the critical role you'll play as the leading 'agent of change' at your school/organization to improve and advance student achievement and success.

Examine approaches and strategies for the coordination of instructional programs and curriculum, the supervision and support of teachers in their instructional capacity, the monitoring of the student learning experience at the classroom level, and the use of data to assess school/organization improvement progress. Discuss case scenarios with your peers and take part in contextual analysis to consider different aspects of creating an effective learning environment and meaningful student learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

Learners who successfully complete the course will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop an understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, identity, power, privilege, oppression, intersectionality, anti-racism, current educational theories and practices (e.g., critical pedagogy), and recognize their impact on teaching, learning, and curriculum.
  • Explore strategies for translating a school’s mission and goals into curriculum content and instructional practices.
  • Examine strategies for designing, implementing, and communicating a school’s curriculum program, achievement indicators and performance expectations in collaboration with students, staff, and communities.
  • Examine strategies for monitoring, supporting, and evaluating instruction.
  • Identify leadership strategies to inform the process of monitoring curriculum and instruction’s impact on student learning.
  • Design and develop an implementation plan for effective school/student learning experience.


The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and highspeed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required.


Completion of course 1, Shared Leadership: Building Relationships and Engaging Communities

Completion of course 2, Organization Leadership: Developing and Implementing a Shared School Vision 


Upon completion of Phase One – Education Leaders: Building the Foundations of Leadership 3-course pack:

Additional Qualification: Principal’s Qualification Program, Part 1. 

This will be reflected on your OCT Certificate of Qualifications.


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