(Course 1) Shared Leadership: Building Relationships and Engaging Communities

Learn how to create meaningful relationships within your community that will help build effective, innovative learning environments that support student and staff success.

Reflect on the role of education leaders as community builders and explore theories, models, approaches, and strategies that enable and support the development of collaborative networks between various stakeholders (e.g., principals, teachers, school teams, students, families, and community members). Join discussions, engage with case scenarios and contextual analysis, and build your capacity to develop and sustain effective education community relations (e.g., a school community). Throughout the course, you'll develop your portfolio and personal leadership resource archive. 

Learning Outcomes

Learners who successfully complete this course will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Reflect on the role that teachers, school staff, parents/families/caregivers, and other relevant stakeholders play in co-constructing an effective school environment.
  • Identify historical, legislative, (educational) theoretical, social justice, and/or situational conditions that impact community building and engagement.
  • Reflect on your personal leadership strengths, growth areas, and approaches as they relate to community building and engagement.
  • Identify strategies, communication protocols, processes and measurable expectations to foster a culture of shared responsibility, safety, relationship building and accountability.
  • Develop models and strategies for effective decision-making and crisis management.
  • Explore strategies for stimulating individual and collective professional growth of staff and school.


The course requires access to a computer, camera, headphones/speakers, microphone and highspeed internet to access the OISE course environment, and other websites and resources as required.


The Following information is for OCT Certified Educators only:

Pre-requisites for OCT Certified Educators

Domestic Teaching Experience: 

Must be verified by your Supervisory Officer on the Certificate of Teaching Experience Form. A school Principal’s signature does not satisfy this requirement.

Please note: we recognize that it may take some time to obtain your Supervisory Officer's signature. So long as you are confident that you meet the teaching experience requirement and that your Supervisory Officer will sign the form, you are welcome to proceed with registration. 

International Teaching Experience:

Must be verified by the Head of School on the Statement of Successful Teaching Experience Form. A school Principal’s signature does not satisfy this requirement.

Leadership Practicum Proposal:

As per the OCT’s Principal’s Qualification Program Guideline: “Candidates must develop a Leadership Practicum proposal before being recommended for completion of Part I and successfully complete the Leadership Practicum experience before being recommended for completion of Part II. The Leadership Practicum must apply to a school setting and be mentored by a practicing qualified principal or vice-principal. It is expected that the duration of the Leadership Practicum will be a minimum of 50 hours of which 20 hours could be observation” (p. 17).


Learners will select a mentor who is an OCT qualified, experienced and practicing principal or vice-principal.


Upon completion of Phase One – Education Leaders: Building the Foundations of Leadership 3-course pack:

Additional Qualification: Principal’s Qualification Program, Part 1. 

This will be reflected on your OCT Certificate of Qualifications.


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Full Course Details

Section Title:

Shared Leadership: Building Relationships and Engaging Communities

Enrolment Session:

2024 Fall



Total Hours:



29 Aug 2024 to 18 Oct 2024

Course Fee(s):


Section Note(s):

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: May 16, 2024 at 11:59 P.M. EST - Late registration beyond this deadline may be available if space permits. 

Online - Asynchronous & Recommended Synchronous

This session will run for 7 weeks. Your learning will take the form of in-depth online discussions as well as group and individual assignments. Learners will be expected to engage in approximately 6 contact hours of learning per week for a total of 42 hours.

The following courses must be taken sequentially, and will be offered during the following terms:


  • 2024 Fall (Course 1: Shared Leadership) - August 29 to October 18
  • 2024 Late Fall (Course 2: Organizational Leadership) - October 24 to December 13
  • 2025 Winter (Course 3 : Instructional Leadership) - January 9 to February 28


  • 2025 Late Winter (Course 4: Nurturing Sustainable Leadership) - March 6 to June 13

Please refer to each individual course page for more information, including registration deadline.

Requests for withdrawal received by the registration deadline will receive a full refund. Requests made after this date will only be considered for extenuating circumstances and require further review and documentation. You can find our withdrawal, refund and transfer policy under Resources » OISE CPL Registration Policies.

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