Connected Educators Webinar: The Gig Economy and the rise of the Education Consultant

The Gig Economy and the rise of the Education Consultant

When we think of the burgeoning gig economy, we tend to associate it with Uber drivers, freelance writers, and various other contractors that many of us interact with in our day-to-day lives. According to McKinsey, independent workers make up about 20-30 percent of the working age population in the US and EU — which is approximately 162 million people – that’s quite a few folks! And emerging in this arena is a rapidly growing and higher-paid group of “gig consultants” that are transforming professional services industries, and redefining the way we view the modern-day consultant. Come join us for a review of why the future is promising for the education consultant and what you can do to prepare for this opportunity and/or advance your education consultant practice.

Subject Matter Expert: Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone, Executive Director, OISE Continuing & Professional Learning

Elisabeth has been leading in the field of continuing and professional development
learning for over 20 years during which time she has held senior leadership and executive consulting roles, with a focus on adult learning and education, across all sectors of education. Formally trained in PK-12 Curriculum and Instruction, Elisabeth  began her early career as a secondary school teacher with a focus on teaching incarcerated youth. Her expertise in effective teaching and learning strategies transferred to adult education environments where Elisabeth both led and consulted adult/professional learning initiatives and teams in Canada and abroad for both non-proft and for-profit organizations and across various industries (Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Telecommunications). She is the co-founder, and currently serves as a board advisor to, The Client Counsel, an entrepreneurial organization focused on the mobile customer/talent experience. Since 2006, Elisabeth has continued to lead various workshops and teach in post-secondary environments as she believes it is important to stay connected to the classroom environment (whether online, face:face or blended) and to be reminded how it feels to be continually learning and to be professionally accountable to co-construct meaningful and effective learning environments.


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