Connected Educators Webinar: Strategic Social Innovation

There is a big secret out there and few people are willing to say it out loud...

Everyone thinks they are doing social innovation and some want to do social innovation, but few people actually understand social innovation. This webinar offers an introduction to social innovation. Walk away with a Social Innovation starter-kit so that you can begin working with your team immediately after the webinar.
Join us as we explore:
  1. What is social innovation, how it can be used and how you will know if what you are generating is social innovation.
  2. Some of the myths by working through examples of social innovation
  3. Demystify social innovation so that it is both edible and digestible to practitioners who wish to jump the chasm of aspiring for social innovation into embarking on a strategic approach to social innovation

Presented by:

Keita Demming, PhD University of Toronto

“Challenging the status quo is not enough. We must disrupt it”

Keita Demming holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. His podcast Disruptive Conversations is an effort to unpack how people who are working to disrupt a sector or system think. Dr. Demming can be described as an innovation researcher, learning strategist, process designer, evaluator, and consultant. With almost 15 years’ experience working in the area of strategic social innovation, Dr. Demming has developed many reports, programs, frameworks or strategic documents for and with his collaborators. In his thesis, he developed a framework for determining if organizations were engaged in social innovaton or merely aspiring or claiming to be doing social innovation. Dr. Demming has worked internationally and in a variety of sectors within the field of social innovation.


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