Connected Educators Webinar: Leading and Learning with Integrative Thinking

Leading and Learning with Integrative Thinking

As leaders the challenges that require our attention are multidimentional, non-linear with many stakeholders. Educators are being asked to shift from the “sage on stage” model of teaching and learning to one that focuses on global competencies, wellbeing and equity. Integrative Thinking offers us a suite of tools that offers us a how to bring these to life in our classrooms, schools and organizations. Integrative Thinking is a methodology for creative problem solving developed by Roger Martin, former dean at the Rotman School of Management. It’s based on the insight that opposing models, divergent points-of-view are an opportunity to innovation as opposed to an obstacle to it. I-Think has focused its work on collaborating with educators to bring this methodology to classrooms and education leadership. This webinar is good for educators interested in the in-classroom application and leaders looking to problem solve in their role.

Join us as we explore:

  1. An overview of the theory behind Integrative Thinking
  2. A case study of the process being used as a leader and examples from K-12 classrooms

Subject Matter Expert: Nogah Kornberg, Acting Director, I-Think Initiative

Nogah Kornberg is the Acting Director at I-Think. Here she bridges the gap between academic research and practical application that enables metacognition and creative problem solving in schools and classrooms around the world. Nogah helps to imagine what could be and provides the support to make it happen. She mentors leaders and educators to bring the methodologies of Integrative Thinking and Business Design into their practice.

Most recently, worked with the Ministry of Education to develop the video resource Innovations in Thinking and Learning on The Learning Exchange. She has collaborated with Roger Martin to create a post-secondary course syllabus on Social Entrepreneurship based on the book Getting Beyond Better. She also led a design project with SAMETRICA to develop an online training course for consultants and social entrepreneurs in social impact measurement. Nogah received her M.Ed. and B.Ed. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She also holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts from Trent University in History and Indigenous Studies. Prior to Rotman, Nogah was a teacher with the Toronto District School Board and a Founder of the Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada.

Twitter: @nogahK


Subject Matter Expert: Erin Altosaar, Senior Fellow, I-Think Initiative

Erin Altosaar is a Senior Fellow with I-Think, currently on secondment from the Toronto District School Board. Previous to taking on this role, Erin was a Principal in the TDSB. Erin has used Integrative Thinking as a Principal in her own school to determine actions that promote equity and improve student achievement and well-being. Through I-Think’s partnership with the TDSB, Erin has co-developed professional learning sessions for administrators and teachers to collaboratively solve complex problems. As a Senior Fellow with I-Think, Erin’s work focuses on leading educators and leaders to help make Integrative Thinking live in their classroom and schools.

Twitter: @ErinAltosaar


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