Connected Educators Webinar: Introduction to Design Thinking for the Classroom

Join us in this introductory session to discover how to integrate the design thinking process within your K-12 teaching practice. Expert speaker, Lisa Cole, will guide participants through an exploration of design thinking, including the benefits and applications of this approach within the classroom. Using practice-based examples and in dialogue with our speaker and fellow audience members, participants will examine how teachers can apply design thinking to create learning programs and problem-solve. This webinar will also explore how teachers can guide students in applying the design thinking process to identify problems and work collaboratively to create and test innovative solutions.  

Guest Speaker: Lisa Cole, Education Officer, Ontario Ministry of Education

Lisa is an award-winning high school physics/science and mathematics teacher with 14+ years of classroom experience. She is the former K-12 Science and STEM Program Facilitator at the Durham District School Board who is currently on secondment to the Ministry of Education as an Education Officer. Lisa was also the president of the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers and worked as the Eastern Ontario Teacher Network Coordinator for Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Lisa Cole received her undergraduate degree from McGill University in Physics and holds a Master of Education degree with a focus on Women in Physics and STEM. Lisa is a passionate educator who hopes to inspire educators, students, and communities to become future innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. She believes that when diverse perspectives converge, we learn to fall in love with challenging problems and create opportunities for innovative solutions.   


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