Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Specialization for Anxiety

The CBT Specialization for Anxiety course focuses on applying CBT theory and interventions to the various anxiety disorders.

You will start with the basic theory of anxiety from a CBT perspective, as well as the theory behind the general behavioural and cognitive techniques. You will then learn how to distinguish between the various anxiety disorders, and learn specific techniques applicable to each of them.

Top 3 reasons to register:

  • You want to learn about cognitive behaviour therapy in a structured setting that focuses on in-depth learning and application.
  • You want to learn how to conceptualize client problems so that your interventions are based on a clinical formulation.
  • You want to learn cognitive behavioural interventions in a step by step manner using structured skills practice that break down complex interventions into specific concrete skills.

Learning Outcomes

The program will help you:  

  • Understand current research on CBT for anxiety
  • Develop skills distinguishing between the various anxiety disorders, and appropriately selecting empirically supported interventions
  • Develop strong conceptual skills to understand clients’ problems within a CBT anxiety model
  • Effectively use cognitive and behavioural interventions in treating anxiety disorder


Is this course for me?

The Specialization programs are open to:

  • Individuals who have completed the CBT Fundamentals Skills at OISE or equivalent
  • If you have previous CBT training or education with another provider or equivalent, you can email with the details to request an evaluation of your experience.

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