Clinical Case Presentation

Throughout the Program, learners are encouraged to record several of their interviews and review them to increase skills.

The Clinical Case Presentation course is an opportunity for students to further develop and demonstrate their skills by preparing and presenting a video recorded solution-building interview to the class; and also, prior to the module, engaging in a peer review process of classmates solution-building interviews.


This is the final mandatory course in the SFBTC Certificate Program.  Learners must have completed the Foundations, Assumptions, Theory and Skills course, 3 electives and the Single-Session Practicum before entering the Clinical Case Presentation.


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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy & Counselling: Compulsory Courses

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Clinical Case Presentation

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2024 New Grad

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07 Jun 2024 to 08 Jun 2024

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Registration Deadline: May 30, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST

Online – Asynchronous/Synchronous

Your learning experience and preparation for the CCP Course takes place throughout the SFBTC Certificate Program as you practice, develop, and apply your solution-focused interviewing skills, engage in the practice and review of solution-building interviews with peers, and prepare for the live interactive CCP Course e-Class.

Your learning experience includes the following three main components:

  • Recorded Interview & Transcript (5-10 hours asynchronous assignment) - independent preparation of a recorded solution-building interview that demonstrates your solution-focused interviewing skills and creation, analysis, and submission of a transcript of a 10-15 minute excerpt from the interview one week prior to E-Class
  • Peer Practice & Review (12-14 hours asynchronous practice completed with peers) - 12 Hours of peer practice and review completed throughout the program prior to E-Class, documented in Session Log, and submitted one week prior to E-Class E-Class Participation (12 hours synchronous participation) - Active participation in the live interactive
  • E-Class including presentation of your interview excerpt and review and discussion of the work of your peers

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